Our claims process is simple so you’ll be able to get back to doing what you love on your device quickly.

If you need to make a claim, you’ve two options to choose from:

We can’t process claims in store, but if you’re struggling to reach us, pop into a store and ask an advisor for help.

If your device is damaged and you have Full Cover or Damage Cover with AppleCare Services, your device may be eligible for repair at an Apple Store or Apple Authorised Service Provider. This will be assessed at the point of claim.

We can process damage claims online and by phone. If your phone has been lost or stolen however, please call us immediately. You need to do this as soon as you can to limit potential unauthorised use which isn’t covered and the amount of time you’re without your device.

If this happens when you’re abroad, we can only replace your device when you return to the UK.

What do I need to make an insurance claim?

Before you make a claim, you need to do the following:

  • Check the device you’re claiming for is insured on your policy. You can check your My EE account, your welcome pack or speak to an advisor to find out. You’ll only be able to claim on the device you have insured.
  • Find out how much your excess is
  • Make sure you have your IMEI* number to hand. You can find your IMEI:
    o   By dialling *#06# into your device – this will display it.
    o   By checking the settings of the device.
    o   On the back of the device, on the SIM card tray or on the original box.
    o   Can’t find it? Call 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any other line.
  • If your device was stolen, you’ll need a Crime Reference Number (CRN).
  • If the theft happened abroad, you’ll need to report it to the local police. Do this as soon as you can to limit any potential unauthorised use, which isn’t covered.

Full Cover and Full Cover with AppleCare Services customers have a claim limit of two successful loss or theft claims in a 12-month period that begins with the first successful claim. There’s no claims limit on the number of damage claims you can make, as long as the insurance remains on your account.

What happens after my insurance claim?

After making a damage claim

We’ll collect your damaged device and deliver your replacement at the same time. Please be ready with the damaged device when the courier arrives — they can’t wait for you to prepare it for the swap.

To prepare it, you must remove your SIM card and any external memory cards — you’ll need these for your replacement device. Please also remove any accessories, such as cases or screen protectors; the courier won’t accept the device if it has any accessories attached to it. You should also back up any contacts and other personal data before the courier arrives.

Couriers can’t wait for you to prepare your device, so please do it before they arrive.

Apple devices need to be unlinked from your iCloud account and Find My iPhone turned off.

> Find out how to deactivate Find My iPhone

Sometimes this can be switched back on, or re-linked if you set up your device again. Log in to your iCloud account on another device or a computer to double check that it isn’t re-linked.

> Find out how to manage your devices in iCloud settings

We also recommend you restore the device back to its factory settings, to protect your device and personal information.

> Find out how to restore your Apple device to factory settings

Repairs at Apple Stores or Apple Authorised Service Providers (Full or Damage Cover with AppleCare Services only)

If your claim is successful and we have identified that your device could potentially be repaired, we will send you a confirmation with a link where you can book a repair at an Apple Store or Apple Authorised Service Provider, which includes selected EE stores. You must have had your claim accepted before going into a store for damage repairs.

If you’ve already made a claim and it has been successful:

After making a lost or stolen claim

We’ll deliver your replacement device along with a replacement SIM so you can get back to using it straight away. Please make sure you’re ready to receive your device when your courier arrives.

If, after you make a claim, your device is recovered by you or the police, it becomes property of the insurer and you’ll need to return it to EE.

Replacement devices

Your replacement device will be of the same or similar specification, but it may be a different make, model, colour and/or have an alternative operating system. If you have Full Cover or Damage Cover with AppleCare Services, the replacement device will be similar in functionality and hardware specification. It will come from refurbished stock that has been tested and is fully functional. It will come either with the remaining period of the manufacturer’s warranty from the original device, or with a 30-day warranty from EE – whichever is longer.

Faulty replacement devices

If you find a fault with your replacement device, please call us straight away so we can help resolve the problem. Your replacement device comes with either the remaining period of the manufacturer’s warranty from your original device, or with a 30-day warranty from EE – whichever is longer.

What happens to my old device?

Our technicians will make your old device secure, and erase any information still left on it. We’ll repair it to manufacture specification, or recycle it. 

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