Want your EE Small Business phone or tablet to be used on a different network? We can unlock your device for you.


Normally a device set up for one network can’t be used on another. It’s ‘locked’.

So if you were giving your old phone or tablet to someone else, for example, they may not be able to use it. We can help.

If you want your EE Small Business device to be ready for a different network, we can unlock EE phones and unlock EE tablets for you.


Here’s how to unlock EE phones and tablets:

1.    Check you have a device we can unlock – you can read more about this below

2.    Follow the simple steps to unlock your device online

3.    If you have an iPhone or iPad, our guide to unlocking Apple devices explains the extra things you need to do.


How to unlock an iPhone or iPad:

Before you start, check if you need to do anything:

iPhones and iPads sold directly by EE Small Business after 01 September 2015 unlock automatically after 18 months.

Need to unlock your Apple device?

First, please make sure that your iPhone or iPad has the latest software. You can check this by connecting your device to iTunes via a PC, Mac or laptop.

You can then unlock your Apple device using the information shown on this page for:

When we’ve confirmed your Apple device is unlocked, carry out the extra steps shown on the unlocking Apple devices page to complete the process.

Important information: If your Apple device has been ‘jailbroken’, unlocking may damage it. EE cannot be held responsible for any errors or faults that may occur.


How to unlock an EE pay monthly device:

You can unlock your pay monthly device as long as you:

  • are an EE Small Business customer
  • are the account holder for the device and number
  • have had the device at least six months
  • have paid your bill up-to-date
  • have not reported the device as lost or stolen

If you’re still in contract, there’s a charge of £8.99 to unlock your EE pay monthly device.

If you’re out of contract, we can unlock EE phones and tablets for free.

Unlock your pay monthly device online


How to unlock an EE pay-as-you-go device:

We can unlock pay-as-you-go devices for EE Small Business customers. The device must be on the EE network.

It costs £8.99 to unlock an EE pay-as-you-go device.

Unlock your pay-as-you-go device online


How to unlock a second-hand EE device:

We can unlock EE phones and tablets if they’ve been owned before, as long as the device is over six months old and has not been reported as lost or stolen.

There’s a charge of £8.99 for us to unlock a second-hand EE device (that’s been handed down or bought on eBay for example).

You’ll need to call us so we can give you the instructions to unlock your second-hand EE device.

From an EE phone:

Call 150 to speak to Customer Services.

From a landline or non-EE phone:

Call 0800 956 6000 and select option 2 followed by option 4.


Can you unlock a device if it’s not on the EE network?

No, we can only unlock devices on the EE network.

To unlock a device on another network, you’ll need to contact that network directly.


How much does it cost to unlock a device?

There’s a small charge of £8.99 to unlock an EE Small Business device.

This charge applies to both new and second-hand EE devices.

However, if you’re no longer in contract with EE, we can unlock your EE Small Business device for no charge.


How long does it take to unlock a device?

We aim to unlock EE phones and tablets within 72 hours.

If we need to contact the manufacturer to get a code, it can take up to 10 days. We’ll be in touch if that’s the case.

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