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With the EE network on your side, you’ll be able to do things you never could before – like connect a fleet of vehicles with high speed internet, get remote work sites connected quickly and set up permanent, fast and reliable internet access for your customers and employees. You’ll even be able to communicate intelligently with your customers or patients, enabling you to get vital information to them when they need it most

We’re the game changing network that can help you on your journey towards Total Enterprise Mobility, becoming more efficient, more flexible and more productive.

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Our latest innovations

Rapid Site

A fully managed service to get your new site connected within 3 working days.*

Connected Leisure

Transform the way your customers connect by providing a secure public WiFi network.

Connected Vehicle

Get every vehicle in your fleet connected with high speed internet inside and out.

Intelligent Messaging for Healthcare

Quickly and easily communicate with your patients.

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Set-up of traditional communication can take a long time for construction companies, but with Rapid Site from EE, your site can be up and running in just three days*, enabling more efficient site management and ultimately saving time and money.

GreenSquare use Rapid Site across their portfolio of projects and now have full 4GEE connectivity on sites, enabling site managers to check and monitor projects remotely.

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Northumbrian Water is responsible for providing water and sewage services to 2.7 million people in the north east of England. With over 55,000 km of pipeline, most of which is laid in rural areas, it's not always easy to get great connectivity.

With EE's 4GEE Connected Vehicle solution, Northumbrian Water can now stay connected in more places, enabling them to move swiftly between jobs rather than waste time searching for signal.

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One of the most exciting things about 4GEE is that for the first time, working out of the office is genuinely as easy as being at your desk. Let us help transform the way you work.

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We’re the only network putting security, as well as speed, at the heart of our 4GEE service to businesses, with all our 4GEE bundles having built-in security as standard.

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Rapid Site within 3 working days: once design, configuration and planning details have been agreed, connectivity at a customer new site can be provided within three working days.