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You can only manage your settings in My EE if you're the bill payer (account holder) or the bill payer gives you permission

On this page:

1. Manage your monthly bills
2. Usage, add-ons and extra charges
3. Manage your costs and plan

1. Manage your monthly bills

How to see your latest or previous bills

How to see your last bill

Just log in to My EE and:

  • After you’ve logged in select the option SEE THIS BILL.
  • Select the menu and choose Bills & payments.

You’ll then see your last bill, including:

  • A breakdown of your plan’s monthly charges.
  • What you used inside your plan.
  • Any extra charges.

To see more details for any of these, just select the one you want.

How to see a previous bill

You can see any of your previous 12 bills inside your bills and payments. Just look out for the drop-down menu which is under See a previous bill.

Use our free text service

If you can’t see your bill online, you can get information about your last bill by using our free 150 text service.

Just text BILL to 150 from your pay monthly phone.

Managing paper bills

Paper billing* provides you with a fully itemised copy of your bill sent to your billing address each month. If you’d like to add or remove paper billing from your plan, just get in touch.

* Read our non-standard price guide for costs (see paper bill in Service Charges)

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Payment date and details of your next bill

Your payment date and details of your next bill can be found inside your bills and payments.

What you’ll be shown

Your last bill: This is your most recent bill, including the final cost and date it was made available for you to see.

Next to your last bill, you’ll be shown when your payment is due. If you pay by Direct Debit, you’ll be shown when the payment will be taken.

Your next bill: This is the date your next bill will be ready for you to see. You can also keep track of any extra charges you may have so far by selecting Check any extra charges so far.

Go to bills and payments >

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Ordering copies of your bill

You can ask to receive a different format of your bill at any time using My EE – this includes braille, audio, printed or large print versions.

There’s a small charge per copy received* - however, there are no hidden costs as you choose how many times you’d like to receive your bill before completing the request.

How to order your bill

  1. Log in to My EE.
  2. Select the Menu.
  3. Then Bills and payments.   
  4. To order a printed copy, select Order printed copy by post >

To order a braille, audio, or large print copy; choose the option Request a braille, audio, or large print version >

All orders will be sent to your billing address - you can view or change this information in your account settings.

If you’re having any difficulty ordering your bill please get in touch to speak to a Customer Service Advisor.

What will be shown on your bill

Charges for copies will appear on your next bill in the Breakdown of Charges* section.

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* Read our non-standard price guide for costs.

Change how you receive billing alerts

For the first six months of your contract, you’ll be sent a text reminder when your bill is ready.

You can choose whether this reminder is sent by:

  • Text to your mobile number.
  • Text to another mobile number.
  • Email.

To change where your alerts are sent:

  1. Log in to My EE.
  2. Select the Menu, then Account settings.
  3. Choose Alerts.

To select how you'd like to be reminded about your bills, go to Manage your alerts >

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I'd like in-plan itemisation

You’ll always be shown itemised usage of calls and texts you’ve made outside your plan on your online and paper bill.

If you choose to pay for in-plan itemisation, you’ll be given a breakdown of all usage made each billing month. (The calls and texts included in your plan). For more information on itemised billing* just call 150 from your EE phone.

Viewing your itemised bill

You can view an itemised bill in My EE:

  1. Go to bills and payments.
  2. Select the option Filter your bill you'll see this on the page.
  3. Select the device you wish to see itemisation for, we'll then show you details on the page.

*Read our non-standard price guide for costs - see the charge for a paper bill.

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2. Usage, add-ons and extra charges

Keeping track of your data and add-ons allowance

You can keep track of your monthly data and add-ons allowance anytime -  just log into My EE and select device and usage.

What you'll be shown

  • Details of your remaining data allowance.
  • Details of your remaining minutes, texts, or data allowance for any in-plan or purchased add-ons (like roaming minutes).
  • When your allowances will refresh.

See my current usage now >

Use our free text service

You can text these codes to 150 for free from your EE pay monthly phone to find out the following:

  • Text AL to 150 to see your current allowance.
  • Text APP to 150 to see usage by downloading the EE app.
  • Text BALANCE to 150 to view any extra charges outside your price plan and your remaining allowances.

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Understanding your data usage

Your current usage shows details of your remaining data allowance, which is the data that is included in your plan.

You can keep track at any time in My EE by selecting current usage from the menu.

What you’ll be shown

  • Your current data usage is shown as an aqua bar. This goes down each time you use more data.
  • How much data you have left. For example, you’ve 2GB left of your 8GB allowance.
  • Underneath your data bar you’ll see the option See details. If you choose this, we’ll show you a breakdown of your data passes.
  • The colour of the bar will change to red when you have less than 20% of your allowance remaining. We’ll also send you a text to let you know.

Going over your data allowance

Don’t worry. When you have less than 20% of your data remaining, we’ll send you a text to let you know - then again when it’s run out.

You can then choose to buy more data or wait until your allowance refreshes again. There are no hidden charges.

Use our free text service

If you can’t access My EE, you can text the following to 150 from your EE phone for free:

  • Text AL to see your current allowance.
  • Text APP to see usage by downloading the EE app.

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Help with your add-ons allowance

Your active add-ons allowance can be seen in My EE by selecting current usage from the menu. Active add-ons can include extra minutes, texts, or data which may be included in your plan or may have been bought..

What you'll be shown

You’ll be shown details of your add-ons and your remaining allowance. This will be given to you as a number - for example, for picture messages it will say you have 7 messages left to send.

If you have an unlimited amount of texts or minutes included in your plan, you’ll also be shown details of these here.

Buying add-ons

To buy an add-on:

  1. Log into My EE.
  2. Go to plans and add-ons in the menu.
  3. Select the add-on tab. You'll be shown a list of available add-ons including roaming, data and picture add-ons.

You can also visit from your pay monthly phone - you’ll need to be connected to 4G so make sure WiFi is turned off while you’re doing this.

Removing add-ons

You can remove some add-ons in My EE go to plans and add-ons in the menu, then select the add-on tab.
If you can’t remove an add-on in My EE, please get in touch.

What will show on your bill

Add-ons can appear on your bill in two ways:

1. Either as a one-off charge and credit - these tend to be for add-ons bought occasionally, such as a data add-on when you’re abroad.

Get more help with one-off charges on your bill >  

2. They may appear under Your monthly plan charge. These are if you choose to buy a recurring add-on in My EE.

Get more help with recurring charges on your monthly EE bill >

Help with extra charges

The best way to keep track of usage outside your plan is by logging into My EE and checking your extra charges so far.

What are extra charges?

Extra charges are added to your account when you  incur usage not included in your monthly plan, common reasons can be:

Get more help with extra charges >

What you’ll be shown when you log in

  • The amount you’ll see is the total so far, so this may change if there are any further charges.
  • Information about when the charges will appear on your bill on your current usage page - for example, these will show on your 4 Feb bill*.

Go to extra charges now >

* Your monthly bill will also include your monthly charge for services, plus additional charges for all other usage, insurance, add-ons, any one-off charges, and VAT. Some charges may take longer to appear on your account or may show on a later bill.

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3. Manage your costs and plan

How to see details of your plan

You'll be able to see details of your plan in My EE including:

  • When your allowance restarts.
  • What you pay each month.
  • When your contract ends and when you can upgrade.
  • Your preferred payment method and included services such as add-ons.
  • Any benefits you receive such as Insurance & Protection.

To see details of your plan:

  1. Log in to My EE.
  2. Go to the Menu.
  3. Select Plan & add-ons.

You’ll now be see three tabs for details of your PlanAdd-ons and Benefits.

You can also view details of your plan by texting the following codes to 150 from your EE pay monthly phone. They're both free of charge.

  • AL to view your current allowance or balance.
  • BALANCE to view any extra charges outside your price plan and your remaining allowances.

See details of my plan now >

Manage your plan and settings

Choose from the links below to get more help.

If you’re not already logged in to My EE, you’ll first need to do so before we can take you to the page.

Manage your bills and payments

See a breakdown of your last bill (including when payment is due) >
See if you have any extra charges on your bill this month  >
Set up or change a Direct Debit >
Set up or change a credit or debit card >

Manage your device

Unlock my phone >
Show me my PUK code >
Manage my Content Lock settings >
Manage more device services >

Manage your account settings

See or update your email address >
See or update your home address (also known as your billing address) >
See or update how you receive billing alerts >
See or update your numbers >

Manage account access on your plan

There are two types of access to My EE for a pay monthly plan - the bill payer and main user.

Bill payer (account holder): The person who pays for the plan every month, for example a partner or parent. This person can see bills and change the settings.

Main user: Someone who uses a device linked to the bill payer’s account, for example a partner  or child. They will not be able to see bills or change some of the settings.

How to update the bill payer settings:

1.    In My EE select Account settings.
2.    Select Change your numbers.
3.    Then select from the options provided.
4.    For new numbers you'll receive a code by text - enter this and you're good to go.

Change the bill payer settings >

How to update the main user settings:

1.    In My EE, select the Device the user is using.
2.    Select the link which shows Manage this device >
3.    Select the tab Device usage controls

Change the main user settings >

Price guides for pay monthly plans

More information on what's included in your monthly price plan and allowance:

EE pay monthly price plans and costs

Information on costs included in your plan or charges outside your allowance:

Out of plan charges

Information on all charges outside your allowance: 

Can I upgrade my plan?

As an EE plan holder you can easily find out if you’re eligible for an upgrade. Just

  • Text UP to 150 (free of charge).

We will text you back informing you whether you’re eligible and explaining what to do next.

Please note: You can upgrade to a new phone and plan if you’ve got less than 45 days to go until your contract renewal date.

If your account has an outstanding debt on your phone plan you will not be eligible for an upgrade until the outstanding amount is settled. 

Upgrading early

If you’re not eligible for a free upgrade, don’t worry – you can get your hands on one of the latest handsets by paying off your remaining contract and upgrading early.

You qualify for an early upgrade if:

  • You're a SIM-only customer on a 12, 18 or 24 month or any other pay monthly plan with EE.
  • You’re more than 6 months into your contract with more than 45 days to go before your contract renewal date.

You won’t qualify for an early upgrade if:

  • You're a business customer.
  • You have outstanding debt on your EE plan.
  • You're a mobile broadband (4GEE WiFi) customer.

Keeping your own phone

You can keep your existing phone, or trade it in for cash through our Recycle and Reward scheme.

14-day cancellation period

You can decide to cancel your Early Upgrade by telling us within 14 days, unless you have chosen to recycle your old phone with Recycle and Reward.

Changing your plan

You can move to another price plan with a higher contract value after you have been on your current contract for three months or more.

Please note: You are not able to move to another price plan with a lower contract value during your contract.

Contact us about upgrading

If you'd like to speak further about your upgrade options, please get in touch, we'll be happy to help.

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