Welcome to EE insurance and thank you for taking your policy with us. If the worst happens to your device, you're now protected with worldwide cover.

Your Welcome Pack that you’ve received contains details about:

  • Your insurance terms and conditions
  • Your monthly premium
  • The excess you will need to pay for each successful claim
  • How to make a claim
  • Your IMEI number (this is your unique identifying number for your insured device)
  • Details of the other benefits that come with your insurance product

It’s important to keep this pack; it contains lots of information that’s essential if you need to make a claim. If you haven’t received your Welcome Pack within 10 working days of starting your policy, call us on 150. You can also view your policy documents, check your excess and make damage claims online, through your My EE account.

What is covered by my insurance?

Full cover includes

Worldwide cover against:

  • Loss
  • Theft
  • Accidental damage
  • Next day refurbished replacement service

An excess is payable for each successful claim – find out how much your excess is

Full Cover has a claim limit of two successful loss or theft claims in a 12 month period that begins with the first successful claim.

Next day delivery is subject to geographical restrictions, Bank Holidays and exceptional circumstances.

Damage Cover includes

  • Worldwide cover against accidental damage
  • Next day refurbished replacement service

An excess is payable for each successful claim – find out how much your excess is

Next day delivery is subject to geographical restrictions, Bank Holidays and exceptional circumstances.

Our underwriter

Our insurance is underwritten by Chubb European Group SE. Breakdown and all other features of Full Cover and Damage Cover will be provided by EE.

What's not covered by my insurance?

Applies to both Full Cover and Damage Cover

We won’t replace your device if it is damaged:

  • Deliberately by you, or an authorised user or anyone acting on their instructions.
  • By repairs carried out by someone not authorised by the insurer.
  • By altering or modifying any internal parts or to the operating system, like being unlocked to operate on another network.
  • By dents, scratches or other marks that do not stop it working normally.

We won’t cover:

  • The costs of installing or re-purchasing any content like data, music photos apps or software.
  • Any costs that are incurred due to unauthorised use (calls, texts and downloads).
  • Replacement costs for any accessories damaged, lost or stolen, along with the device.
  • Claims in relation to loss, theft or damage caused by war, invasion, revolution or a similar event.
  • Claims where the bill for your service plan is not paid and up to date in accordance with the Service Plan terms and conditions.

Applies to Full Cover only

We won’t replace your device if:

  • It’s knowingly left it in a place where you can’t see it but others can.
  • You don’t report the theft to the police (local police if abroad) and obtain a report or a crime reference number.
  • It’s knowingly left on display in an unattended and unlocked vehicle and the vehicle’s security systems are not enabled (like, in a dashboard holder).
  • It’s left in an unoccupied building, where the windows or doors are left unlocked.
  • It’s been lost by someone other than you or an authorised user.

How long does my insurance last?

Full Cover or Damage Cover continues for a maximum period of 60 months (five years), unless you cancel your insurance or contract, or upgrade your contract. If you upgrade your contract, you’ll need to re-purchase insurance if you want to insure your new device. When you’re near the end of the 60 month period, we’ll contact you to let you know.

Any insurance product that you cancel will be subject to the end date synchronising to your next bill date. You can cancel your insurance within 14 days of receiving your policy documents and receive a full refund, unless you have made a successful claim. After the 14 day period, you can cancel your insurance from the next bill date whether you have made a successful claim that month or not, providing you give us a minimum of one day’s notice. If you do not provide us with at least one day’s notice your insurance will be cancelled from the following month’s bill date. To view your next bill date, just log in to My EE account or use the EE App.

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