Access critical information in the field

Transforming fleet management

At EE, we understand the problems commonly faced with fleet connectivity and having teams that work remotely, which is why we’re continually innovating to provide the best solutions for your organisation.

With Connected Vehicle, we'll install low profile, roof mounted antennas & transport-grade 4G WiFi routers to significantly improve your connectivity on the move and give your teams their own high-speed WiFi hotspot, not just in their vehicle, but around it too. Transforming the services they provide in the field and ultimately improving the service you deliver to your customers.

We think it’s pretty game changing, but don't take our word for it, watch the case studies below to hear from our customers.

How it works

  • Effortless installation

    Our in-house experts will work with your teams collaboratively to plan and install your solution end to end, so you don’t have to manage multiple suppliers.

  • Expert advice and support

    You’ll have access to technical support and advice whenever you need it and we also manage site decommissioning when your requirement ends. We can also provide proactive monitoring & on-site support if needed as an additional service.

  • Remote Device Management

    You'll now be able to view the status of your on-site devices, and we'll be able to provide remote monitoring, diagnostic and configuration support.

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Why choose EE?

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One of the most exciting things about 4GEE is that for the first time, working out of the office is genuinely as easy as being at your desk. Let us help transform the way you work.

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We’re the only network putting security, as well as speed, at the heart of our 4GEE service to businesses, with all our 4GEE bundles having built-in security as standard.

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Our latest innovations

Rapid Site

A fully managed service to get your new site connected within 3 working days.*

Connected Leisure

Transform the way your customers connect by providing a secure public WiFi network.

Connected Retail

Get insight into customers’ movements and location-based digital behaviours to uncover new opportunities.

Intelligent Messaging for Healthcare

Quickly and easily communicate with your patients.

The legal bit

Rapid Site within 3 working days: once design, configuration and planning details have been agreed, connectivity at a customer new site can be provided within three working days.