How do I turn voicemail on and off?

To turn it on just text VM ON to 150 from your device.

And to turn it off? Easy, just text VM OFF to 150.

How do I access my Voicemail and listen to messages?

To access your voicemail from your device:

To access your voicemail from a different phone you’ll need your Voicemail PIN set up first (see section below), then:


  • Dial your own number and let the call ring out and divert to voicemail
  • Press * to interrupt Voicemail greeting
  • Enter your Voicemail PIN when prompted

Your voicemail can store up to 50 messages, each eight minutes long. New messages are stored for 21 days or after they’ve been listened to, they can be saved and stored for seven days.

How do I set up a Voicemail PIN?

A voicemail PIN is a four-to-ten-digit code that lets you pick up your voicemails from any phone and whilst you’re roaming. It provides a level of extra security as it needs to be entered before you can access your voicemail messages.

To set one up:

Press and hold 1 on your EE device keypad or call 07953 222 222

  • If you don’t have any messages, you will go to the main menu - if you have new messages, press * to skip straight to the main menu.
  • Press 3 for settings and features
  • Press 3 to set up a PIN
  • Enter a PIN and then press # to save it

Your PIN must be between four and ten digits long. To make it secure you can’t use a PIN made up of one repeated number (e.g., 2222), or consecutive numbers (like 5678 or 4321).

What is Visual Voicemail?

Visual Voicemail lets you see who’s called and listen to and delete voicemails in any order you like on your iPhone screen, without having to dial a number or install any apps.

Just tap the voicemail icon to see all your voicemails as a list on your screen. It'll show you who the messages are from, when they were left and how long they are. 

If you’re using Dual SIM on iPhone, Visual Voicemail gives you access to all of your voicemails in one place. You’ll need to set it up on both your eSIM and physical line for it to work.

Visual Voicemail is available if you’re using an iPhone on the latest iOS software:

  • To activate it just text iPhone VISUAL to 150 from your EE device and we’ll text you back when it’s set up
  • To remove it simply text iPhone VISUAL OFF to 150

Can I use Voicemail when I’m abroad?

Yes, you can, however you’ll need to make sure you’ve set up a Voicemail PIN before leaving the UK. It’s free to access Voicemail within the EU but there may be a charge outside the EU depending on your plan allowance. You can check roaming costs for countries outside the EU here.

If you don't want to be charged for voicemails while you're abroad, switch voicemail off using the steps above. This will mean that anyone who calls you won't be able to leave you a voicemail.

When you're back in the UK, you’ll need to turn voicemail back on so people can leave you voicemail again.

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