What is 5G?

5G is fast. Faster than anything you've seen before, with a larger capacity and more connections – even in the busiest of places.

Superfast speeds, quicker downloads and better quality streaming, so you can access whatever you need on the go.

Plus, with 5G connectivity in all major cities, you can stream conferences at higher resolution, enjoy better quality video calls and download large files in seconds.


Why 5G on EE

We've been awarded the UK's best network for ten plus years in a row.

What does that mean for your business? We’re the most reliable, with fewer dropouts than anyone else. And we’re the fastest, with the fastest overall median download speeds in the UK – so you can download files quicker and get the best quality video.

So if you want the best for your business, choose EE.


Where can I get 5G?

As the first network to launch 5G in 2019, we've continued to lead the UK's 5G rollout. We've got 5G in all major cities across the UK. So you'll automatically connect if you're in an area with 5G, have a 5G SIM and a 5G device.

Use our coverage map to check the connection in your area.

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Frequently asked questions

5G works in the same way as 4G, just faster. You can connect to a 5G network via a 5G-enabled device.

You can expect average 5G speeds of over 100Mbps. So you can download large files or films in just seconds.

5G doesn't use more data but lets you do more with your device. So you might use more data naturally. For example, if you stream video content at the highest resolution, you'll use more data than streaming content at a lower resolution.

5G is currently the fastest mobile  network technology. You can stream videos faster than 4G, download files in seconds and work on the go. It’s also about connectivity.

5G has much more capacity, allowing more connections in busy places. So you don’t have to worry about slow speeds in train stations or stadiums.

You’ll need to check your device specifications or manufacturers website to see if you phone is 5G ready.

If you’re in an area with 5G and have a 5G device with a 5G SIM, 5G will automatically switch on and be ready to use. If there’s an issue with your connection, check your mobile network settings on your device.

5G works hand-in-hand with 4G. When you connect to 5G on EE, you’ll automatically connect to 4G and 5G parts of the network simultaneously - combining the power of 4G and 5G.

However, 5G isn’t a replacement for 4G – it’s an addition to our existing award-winning network. So if there’s no 5G in an area, you’ll simply connect to our 4G network.

Check 5G coverage in your area using our coverage map.

You can only get 5G on 5G-enabled devices. You can checkout our shop to see our range of 5G-enabled devices.

But don’t worry if you have a 4G device, EE has the best 4G network in the UK.

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