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Great value for business travellers

When you run a business you need to stay connected. Wherever you are. We’ve got it covered. With EE Business plans you get free EU roaming, so you can use your minutes, texts and data just like you do in the UK. 


Travelling outside Europe?

Our Roaming Passports let you use your mobile in 59 popular destinations for a fixed price. You’ll get unlimited calls, unlimited texts and a massive 1GB of data per day. You just need to opt-in and your Roaming Passport will be ready whenever you need it. You won’t have to worry about setting it up before you leave. And you’ll only ever be charged when you use calls, texts or data in an included country.


Data in more destinations

With a Travel Data Pass you’ll get a fixed daily allowance when you’re travelling outside the EU. If you use it up, we’ll let you know. So you’ll never get an unexpected bill. Opt-in via text once and you’ll only be charged on days you use data in an included country. There’s no need to remove it when you get back to the UK.

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