Excess for Full Cover and Damage Cover

If your claim is successful, you’ll be charged an excess as a contribution towards the cost of the replacement device. The amount depends on which band your device falls into on the date you purchased insurance. 

We regularly review excess amounts are regularly reviewed and we’ll give you 30 days’ notice if we make a change to your excess.

If you’re not sure what insurance product you have, check your confirmation of insurance cover or your Airtime Plan bill through your My EE account.

Alternatively, you can:

  • Text COVER to 150.
  • Call 150 from your EE phone.
  • Or call 07953 966 250

> Find out your excess for Full Cover and Damage Cover with AppleCare Services


Faulty refurbished replacement fees

If you’re a Full Cover and Damage Cover customer you’re entitled to a next-day replacement if your registered device develops a fault. By fault we mean the failure of your device due to a permanent mechanical or electrical defect requiring replacement or repair before normal operation can be resumed.

We’ll arrange for a courier to visit you to exchange the faulty device for a fully refurbished replacement.

If we’ve collected and replaced your device and we then discover that your old device wasn’t faulty (it’s been damaged for instance), we may charge you for the cost of the replacement device and we may remove the EE insurance product from your Airtime Plan.

Full Cover and Damage Cover with AppleCare Services Customers

If you are a Full Cover or Damage Cover with AppleCare Services customer, you will not be covered by the EE Lifetime Guarantee. You will be covered for Breakdown in accordance with your Small Business Insurance terms.

Full Cover and Damage Cover with AppleCare Services includes a multi-policy discount where you insure more than one device. 

Extra charges

Missed delivery charge

At the moment we don’t pass on any charges to our customers for missed deliveries.

Missed your insurance replacement delivery?
> Find out how to rearrange delivery

Failed delivery charges where the security features haven’t been disabled

If you don’t unlink your iCloud account or deactivate Find My iPhone you may see a charge on your next EE bill. This cost will depend on the market replacement of the device. But we’ll tell you the amount of that charge when we contact you.

> Find out how to deactivate Find My iPhone
> Find out how to manage to your devices in iCloud settings

Fraudulent claims

If you’ve made a fraudulent claim, we’ll try to recover the device and any costs associated with its recovery. In addition, if you fraudulently provide us with false information, statements or documents, we’ll record this on anti-fraud databases and may also notify other organisations.

We may choose not to offer cover in the future to you or anyone connected with you if we suspect fraudulent activity on this or any other associated insurance policy.


The insurance element of Full Cover with AppleCare Services and Damage Cover with AppleCare Services is underwritten by Chubb European Group SE. See T&Cs for more details. 

Other benefits of Full Cover with AppleCare Services and Damage Cover with AppleCare Services will be provided by EE and further terms apply. 

For more information visit EE Small Business terms 

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