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Mobile is changing everything

Mobile technology is changing how businesses, such as retailers, banks and restaurants, interact with their customers, in-store and beyond. Using technology, customers seek a better, seamless experience across all channels:

  • 21% of shoppers try to get better deals using smartphones in-store
  • 43% read reviews
  • 31% compare prices online

To encourage loyalty, businesses must use big data in retail to create a unique experience for their customers and communicate with them through mobile channels.

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Make your business totally mobile

Total Enterprise Mobility doesn’t mean just giving your workforce a smartphone, it also means using connectivity – mobile devices, applications, and data insights – to better engage with your customers. 

We’ve brought together unrivalled access to insight and data, vast tech experience, mobile devices and applications all over public WiFi and our superfast network to help your business achieve total mobility in the superfast digital era.

At EE, we can help you:

Transform your customers' experience

Create a unique experience for your customers and communicate with them through mobile channels.

Customers using mobiles on a street

Make better operational decisions

Target your customers more accurately with extensive retail data and insight.

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Improve employee efficiency

Make your workforce free to focus on customer service with tablets and customised apps with instant access to store, product, customer and competitor info.

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Open up new revenue opportunities

Get insight into customers’ movements, journey patterns, demographic profiles and location-based digital behaviours to uncover new opportunities.

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Public WiFi

Our bespoke solutions start with your fully managed branded public WiFi service in store. Fast, reliable and compliant with the current regulation, we can quickly set you up just about anywhere.

Offering WiFi enables you to instantly improve your customers’ experience. And with EE’s unique real-time retail data capabilities, enhanced reporting and analytics, you can start getting to know your customers, and build a two-way relationship with them.

Retail insight and data

Public WiFi is critical to understanding your customers. Once installed, we can give you an instant access to powerful reports, analytics and dashboards. We’ll also analyse in-venue footfall and customer behaviour, mobile browsing behaviour, demographics of your WiFi users, and deliver insight around the social media, devices and operating systems customers are using.

As the UK's largest communications company with over 26 million customers, EE also gets unrivalled network analytics called mData. From this anonymised and aggregated data, we get insight into customers’ movements, journey patterns, demographic profiles and location-based digital behaviours.

With access to mData analytics, you’ll be able to more effectively plan your retail locations and outdoor advertising, predict footfall, better manage your supply chain and gain a unique picture of the market and competitor landscape. You’ll even understand how far people have come and how they travelled to reach you.

Targeted and personalised mobile marketing solutions

Once you understand your customers, you can turn newly created digital channels, enabled by our public WiFi solutions, into a powerful marketing communications platform enabling you to send targeted and personalised mobile messaging to your customers. Access to customer data in real-time means you can deliver targeted and personalised real-time communications.

We can deliver real-time communications in two ways:

Enterprise Messaging

Allows businesses to run text messaging campaigns to your customers on a mass scale whenever they want. This straightforward tool can also be used to communicate with employees, helping you to improve the efficiency and productivity of your organisation.

Via in-store location marketing (with Wiforia)

By bringing together real-time data from public WiFi and Wiforia’s customer engagement platform, which allows further identification of your customers, we can deliver highly targeted and personalised one-to-one communication to engage with your customers and increase sales.

Digital experience

Make your workforce totally mobile, and free to focus on customer service, by running tablets and customised internal apps with instant access to store, product, customer and competitor info. The tablets and apps can double up as a quick point of sale. Plus the same tablets can also become self-service terminals to ensure they have access to the info they need. And for peace of mind we can secure all devices and content with our Secure Mobility solutions.

We’ll help you enrich your customers’ experience in-store. Together with mobile shopping experts Wiforia, we can enable digital labels, make extra content available through QR codes or NFC technology; and even help you to deliver an augmented reality experience that lets customers try your products in a new exciting virtual way. All this delivers a totally connected experience that rewards your customers and builds a relationship with your brand.

Together with our partner Mubaloo, an award-winning mobile applications developer, we can build customised business apps or help you get the most out of your existing one. Through two-way interaction, apps not only enhance the in-store experience but also extend it out of store. They also allow you to maximise revenue from third parties and get one step ahead of your competitors. With public WiFi in-store we can help you encourage customers to download and start using your app straight away.

Our latest innovations

Construction workers connecting their site using Rapid Site solutions

Rapid Site

A fully managed service to get your new site connected within 3 working days. T&Cs apply.

Connected Leisure

Transform the way your customers connect by providing a secure public WiFi network.

A family using their tablet outside thanks to Connected Leisure public WiFi solutions at EE Business
An internet connected vehicle using Connected Vehicle solutions at EE Business

Connected Vehicle

Get every vehicle in your fleet connected with high speed internet inside and out.

Enterprise Messaging

Helping your business communicate more effectively.

Healthcare professional using tablet device with patient

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