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What is Mobile Voice Recording?

With Mobile Voice Recording, keeping an accurate record of your business calls is easy.

In 2011 the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) removed the recording exemption for mobile phones. All conversations covering client orders now need to be recorded. MVR is a network-based mobile voice recording service created by two market leaders: EE and Etrali Trading Solutions. It helps financial institutions to comply with the regulatory requirements of mobile call recordings set out by the FCA, the Dodd-Frank Act and MiFID directive.

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How can Mobile Voice Recording help?

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Mobile Voice Recording resolves trading disputes and minimises the risk of rogue traders: two risks that threaten city firms and the financial markets as a whole.

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Significantly reduces the chance of an FCA fine: by accurately recording and storing mobile voice communications, FCA penalties are kept in check.

Ensures FCA compliance but won’t disrupt productivity: conversations are recorded from any mobile device, with no need for special call recording software or a remote recorder.

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Unlike most mobile voice recording services, calls are routed through the network with absolutely no impact on performance.

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