Take your office on the tube


Get WiFi on the Underground

With EE, all eligible customers get WiFi on the London Underground, provided by Virgin Media, as part of their plan.

Access is included as part of your mobile contract with EE. So if you're an active EE mobile customer, there are no extra charges for access to WiFi on the Underground. 


It's easy to connect

Only devices with compatible EE SIMs can access the London Underground WiFi using EE WiFi hotspots. Follow the set-up instructions for your device below:

On Apple devices:

  • make sure you have iOS 7 or above installed
  • switch on your WiFi - you'll then automatically connect to EE WiFi

On compatible Android devices:

  • once underground, turn on your WiFi
  • select EE WiFi-Auto from the list of networks
  • set the ‘access method’ to EAP
  • set your ‘EAP method’ to SIM

Not just on the underground

Our Team, Shared and Individual EE Business Plans give you access to more than 5 million WiFi hotspots with BT.

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