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Do you represent local or central government, emergency services, healthcare, education or any other body in the UK public sector? We offer products and services to suit all needs and we’re proud to be part of the Public Services Network.

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Helping you do more

Public Sector organisations are operating in the most challenging climate for decades, and are under increasing pressure to do more with less – that’s where EE come in.

We can help anyone in the Public Sector with anything from connected devices to expertise on agile working and data security.

Along the way we’ll identify operational savings and support you in delivering them with exceptional account management and customer service.





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Emergency Services Network

When every second counts, you need a connection that adds up. That's why the Home Office chose us to build the critical 4G voice and data network for Britain's Emergency Services.

The ESN is a dedicated network for use by Britain’s Emergency Services plus other authorised first responders, connecting over 300,000 service users across the Police, Fire & Rescue, and Ambulance services.

The country's Emergency Services get access to cutting-edge communication technology, so they can respond quickly to incidents in even the most rural and remote areas.

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Security in the Public Sector

In 2013, the government’s security adviser (CESG) issued official guidance on the Public Sector’s use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

At EE, we follow an approved CESG procurement path – for approved handsets, approved connections and approved management services. So you can rest assured you’ll be meeting the government’s latest secure mobility requirements.

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