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Public WiFi from EE

Public WiFi from EE gives you fast, reliable internet access for your customers, business partners and employees.

Whichever type of public WiFi you’re looking for, we’ll design and build everything to your exact requirements, meeting your needs now and in the future.

We’ll take care of the installation and management for you, and give you 24/7 support and network monitoring, so you can focus on your business.

Public WiFi solutions for your customers

Whether you’re a large retailer, public sector organisation, entertainment venue or a travel company, Public WiFi from EE can differentiate your service and improve your customers’ experience. It also provides you with insight into your customer needs, so you can improve customer loyalty.

Plus, we’ll make sure everything is legally compliant, including content filtering, data retention and Data Protection Act requirements.

Key benefits of EE Public WiFi

Boost your business

Run targeted promotional activities and unlock new revenue streams.

Better customer relationships

Attract, understand and interact with customers in new ways.

Save money

Reduce infrastructure cost by sharing LAN components of your network.  

Increased security

Protect your network and improve performance by separating guest WiFi traffic.


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Public WiFi solutions
for your office

Visitors, contractors and consultants often need to be able to use their devices when visiting an office. Plus, more and more employees want to use their own devices at work.

Public WiFi from EE ensures everyone can work efficiently – without needing access to your company’s secure WLAN network.

We can offer Public WiFi as an EE branded service, or customise it to echo your branding.  

Why choose EE?


One of the most exciting things about 4GEE is that for the first time, working out of the office is genuinely as easy as being at your desk. Let us help transform the way you work.


We’re the only network putting security, as well as speed, at the heart of our 4GEE service to businesses, with all our 4GEE bundles having built-in security as standard.

Our latest innovations

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Get every vehicle in your fleet connected with high speed internet inside and out.

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Get insight into customers’ movements and location-based digital behaviours to uncover new opportunities.

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Quickly and easily communicate with your patients.

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