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Whatever your needs, we've got you covered

Nobody knows this network better than we do.

  • We’re the only provider of EE CERTIFIED ESN READY 4G coverage solutions.
  • Backed-up by a full ESN support model 
  • We’re already providing coverage in some of the UK’s most challenging environments (airports, stadiums and stations). 

No mobile network can reach every part of every building – things like concrete, bricks, steel and even the thermal coating on glass can block radio waves. If your building or office needs additional coverage or capacity, we’ll make sure you get the right solution. 

If you’re part of an organisation that’s joining the ESN network, we have a range of solutions for improving your ESN coverage – indoors, outdoors and during emergencies.

We’ll leave no stone unturned 

Size and Fabric of Building

Size and Fabric of Building

  • Construction materials may block mobile signals
  • Size and shape of building may cause not-spots in specific locations
External Coverage

External Coverage

  • Understand your local outdoor coverage
  • Additional outdoor coverage comes in all shapes and sizes, not just new base stations
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User needs

  • Users may require 4G and 5G technologies
  • Users may want dedicated base stations
  • Users may have specific backhaul needs
  • Both commercial and ESN network required

Capacity and Resilience

  • There may be a need for higher capacity due to the volume of users
  • Resilience may be needed due to criticality of communications on site

See what we can do for you

Go to the Surveys page Surveys

Assessing Coverage - We can assess your needs via desktop survey or, for more complex sites, carry out a full on-site survey.

Go to the Inbuilding Coverage page In-building

We can design solutions incorporating Boosters, Small Cells, Repeaters and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS).

Go to the Temporary Coverage page Temporary

Providing coverage wherever needed - The ESN Coverage Extender from EE® is our coverage solution providing an instant coverage boost wherever you are.

Go to the Outdoor Coverage page Permanent

Boosting external coverage - Our permanent macro coverage solutions include new sites, 800mhz and 2600mhz spectrum additions and optimisation at existing sites.

We can plan a session to talk you through the process for your coverage solution

Simply download and complete a short coverage requirement questionnaire and email it back to us on

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