Check you're good to go

Check that roaming is activated

It’s a good idea to check that roaming has been activated and that your devices are ready to be used abroad before you get there.

Roaming needs to be activated for each mobile number you want to use when you’re abroad. This includes roaming in our Europe Zone.

How to activate roaming using My EE:

  • Log in to My EE.
  • Select Manage Device from the main menu.
  • Select the Group Usage Controls tab.
  • Use the slider to make sure both Roaming abroad and Call abroad and premium rate controls are activated.
You can also activate it by contacting Customer Service


Enable data roaming on your device

Your device has a data roaming control in its settings which needs to be enabled. If it’s disabled, you won’t be able to use mobile data when you’re abroad.

We’ve prepared some easy to use guides so you can see how to enable data roaming


Handy tips to help you reduce costs:

Prevent Voicemail Charges

Text VM OFF to 150 before you go to switch your voicemail off. To turn it on again when you get back home just text VM ON to 150

Check how many characters are in your texts

Every 160 characters count as a text. If you send texts longer than this, you’re charged for multiple text messages.

Turn off ‘Wi-Fi Assist’ in your device settings

Many devices have a feature which can use your data even when you're connected to Wi-Fi.

Have a quick look at our device guides to see how to disable mobile data

Is there a fair use policy in the EU?

Your plan's terms and conditions include limits which are known as the fair use policy

The data fair use policy may apply if you’re roaming in our Europe Zone though our Business Connect plans are exempt from the fair use policy. See your plan details and the terms and conditions of the EE Price Guide for Small Business for more information. 

When the fair use policy applies to you, once you’ve used up your fair use amount when roaming, we’ll notify you and you’ll have to buy a data add-on if you want to keep using data when roaming.

If you’re roaming in the EU, there’s a £45 cap per month per user for data usage. To continue using data after the cap has been activated, text 1MCAP to 150 or contact Customer Services to unblock usage for 1 month. To remove the cap permanently, text STOPEUCAP to 150  

These roaming benefits are available to UK based customers only and our plans are intended for customers and users with a stable link to the UK who travel abroad periodically. For details of what we consider to be stable links, and the surcharges or other restrictions which we may apply where the user does not meet the stable links requirements, please see our EE Price Guide for Small Business 


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