5G: Connectivity through devices

What devices support 5G?

We already have a small range of 5G devices to connect you to our superfast 5G network. To make sure you have the widest range possible, we’ll be adding to the range as more devices are released.

Remember, our 5G devices will work across both our 5G and 4G networks whereas any 4G devices will only have access to our 4G network.

4G and 5G devices versus plans

You can’t connect to the 5G network on a 4G device. You’ll need a 5G device to connect to the 5G network. This is because 5G devices require additional technology, such as 5G chipset, to work on a 5G network.

Can I buy a 5G device elsewhere and connect to 5G on EE?

Sure, if you buy an unlocked 5G-compatible device, you can get an EE 5G SIM-only Smart plan to connect to our superfast 5G network.

View our 5G Smart SIM-only plans

When will EE have an Apple device that supports 5G?

At the time of writing, Apple haven’t yet announced a 5G device. Although they’re famously tight-lipped about their new releases, Apple normally announce their new iPhone models at the beginning of September. 

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