The EE network is actually a series of networks - each with its own job. Here's a quick rollcall:

1G: Remember the huge 1980s mobile phones? They used 1G (first generation) signals.

2G: In the 1990s, the UK went digital with 2G, and we still use 2G for calls and texts.

2.5G: (Also known as GPRS) brought the internet to our phones by chopping data into bite-sized pieces.

2.75G: (Also known as EDGE) gave us download speeds up to three times faster than GPRS.

3G: Up to ten times faster than GPRS, 3G is perfect for browsing, tweeting and checking Facebook.

3.5G: (Also known as HSPA), this sped things up once again, making it easy to use apps and download music and videos to your phone. There’s also HSPA+ — great for HD film streaming.

4GEE: Gives you superfast, super reliable internet wherever you are. This was the first step in change in the evolution of mobile communications.

5G: The next generation of mobile network technology offers a more reliable service in busier places at faster speeds than 4G. More about 5G

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