After you’ve upgraded, you’ll notice a few changes to your next bill.

It’s easy to log in to My EE to access and manage your bills in the invoices and payments section. 

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What are part charges

Equipment and delivery charges

Early upgrade fee

What are part charges?

These show on your bill if there’s been a change to your account (like upgrading) part way through your billing month. 

You’ll see the following charges under the ‘Your monthly plan charges’:

  • A refund of your old plan, up to your bill date.
  • A charge for your new plan, up to your bill date. 
  • A charge for your new plan, equal to one month in advance.   

Your monthly bills will look the same as they normally do for the following months as long as there are no further changes to your account.

This video on understanding additional charges gives further information.

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Equipment and delivery charges

Sometimes upgrade offers include a small upfront cost for your device. Usually you pay for this by credit or debit card when you order your upgrade.

These equipment charges are itemised on your bill as a one-off charge. They’ll be listed even if you’ve already made the payment, likewise if your upgrade includes a delivery charge.

Don’t worry, you don’t pay twice. We’ll update your account balance to reflect that the equipment and delivery charges have been paid. We’ll also automatically adjust the amount of your Direct Debit if you have one set up.

Early upgrade fees

You’ll only be charged these if you took an upgrade before your contract was due for one. We’ll discuss this with you when you place your order. 

The fees are equal to the total monthly line rental due for the remaining period of your contract term. A discount is applied to this amount to work out your final early upgrade fee. 

If you paid with a credit or debit card when you ordered your upgrade, an itemised charge will still appear on your next bill – but we won’t take the payment again.


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