Our Pay As You Use plan is designed to provide flexibility for Small Business customers that have changing needs. The plan comes with no inclusions, so you don’t pay for stuff you don’t need, helping to keep costs low and you moving forward.

Why Choose Small Business PAYU plan?

  • PAYU enables you to be responsive to your business environment; there’s no need to top-up or prepay as monthly calls are billed in arrears, maximising your cash flow and minimising your admin.
  • You won’t ever run out of credit as there are no top-ups and they won’t have to reclaim costs
  • You keep your number even when it’s not in use and it’s always connected so you can receive incoming calls at anytime
  • You only pay for the calls, text and data that you make each month, plus a small monthly subscription charge of £1.25 (ex. VAT)
  • You have UK-based customer service and calls to 150 are free from your EE sim


Can I use this plan to call abroad or whilst roaming?

No, this plan is for UK use only and cannot be used abroad including Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man or to make calls to international numbers

Is it possible to remove the blocking of international calls and roaming use?

No, this is permanently blocked

Are standard international, roaming add-ons available ?

No, these features are blocked and as such, no add-ons are available

Can I text international numbers?

Yes, texts to international numbers can be made and is charge 41p per message

Can I bar international text or premium rate texts received?

No, these cannot be barred

Can I call Guernsey, Isle of Man or Channel Island, or use while roaming in Ireland (but a Northern Ireland customer) ?

No, these services are blocked

As roaming is blocked, can emergency calls be made while roaming?

It depends on the network and we cannot guarantee this. Therefore, it is not advised to take this SIM abroad.

If I don’t make calls, will the service stay active?

As long as you pay your monthly charge (£1.25 ex VAT), your service will stay active

What are the costs for calls, texts and MMS?

UK calls, texts and MMS are charged at 63p (ex VAT) per minute / text / MMS

Are there any other charges?

No, only the monthly recurring charge and then any usage you make during the month.

Are there caps in place?

A daily spend cap of £2 is in place – covering standard UK calls, texts and MMS

Can I use data on this plan?

To use data you will need to purchase a 30 day data add-on prior to being able to access this service

Can I block data use and purchase of data add-ons?

Yes, data use and purchase can be blocked if required by the account holder by calling 150

Are calls blocked to any number ranges?

Yes, calls to 084, 087, 070 and 118 calls are blocked by default but can be unblocked by the account holder by calling 150

Is it possible to remove the blocking of premium rate numbers?

Yes, calls to 09 Premium Calls can be unblocked by the account holder by calling 150. A deposit of £50 may be required subject to your credit rating

Is it possible to remove the blocking of non-geographic number ranges?

Yes, these can be optionally removed by the account holder calling 150

What payment options are available?

Customers must pay via direct debit

Am I eligible for TNT Sports on Pay As You Use?

No, you won’t be eligible for TNT Sports if you’re on a Pay As You Use plan.

Is there a contract commitment?

A 12 month minimum connection period applies

How can I keep track of my spend?

You can manage your bills, controls, add-ons and payments through the MYEE account by register at For quick, on-the-go checks, download our free My EE app by texting ‘App’ to 150

Is there a limit to how many SIMs I can have?

Yes, there is a limited of 5 SIMs per account.

What are the Out of Bundle charges for PAYU?

You can find our up to date charges here

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