VAT charges for roaming outside the EU

No change to roaming prices for business customers

From 01 November 2017, all roaming usage and services bought for consumer use outside of the EU will be charged 20% VAT.

As a business customer, you won’t pay VAT to us.

However, because our systems bill business customers in the same way as consumer customers, you may notice a change in the way roaming add-ons and usage appear on your bill.

VAT will automatically be added to roaming products and usage. But, as a business customer, we’ll proactively give you a credit for the extra charges before your bill date. This cancels out any VAT for roaming products and usage.

Simply put, there’s no change to the price – there’s only a change to the way it’s shown on the bill.

Why is this happening?

The changes to the way VAT is charged on roaming outside of the EU are because of new regulatory requirements set by the government and HMRC. These changes apply to all mobile operators and are not unique to EE.

I’m a business customer on a consumer plan, will I be credited for VAT charged on roaming usage outside of the EU?

Yes. Credits are based on your account type, not which mobile plan you are on. This means that customers with a business account who have taken a consumer price plan will be credited for VAT charged on roaming usage and products outside of the EU.

Is the price I pay changing?

No. Any VAT charges and credits will automatically be managed by EE. Where you have used roaming services outside of the EU, you’ll see a credit appear on your bill so you still pay the excluding VAT price.

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