If your device develops a fault, we’d like to help you get it repaired, whether you’re an EE customer or not.

If you didn’t buy your device direct from us, and you feel your device isn’t of satisfactory quality or as described to you when originally purchased, you’ll need to contact the merchant that supplied your device for assistance. However, we can still help you obtain a repair using your manufacturer’s warranty.

If your device came from us, we’ll ensure that any fault found is addressed by us in accordance with statutory guidelines, including considering all relevant factors like the nature of the fault and when the date of sale was.


We offer a repair service for selected mobile phones, tablets, mobile wi-fi and 4G routers (the Device). Please speak to one of our advisors for information on eligible Devices. Payment for the repair will depend on the fault and age of your Device. You can arrange repairs by:

We may need to update your Device's software to repair your Device. If your Device has been network unlocked, during the repair a software update will be applied. This will result in your Device being locked back to the original network settings. 

When providing this repair service:

  • Any personal Data we collect about you, or you provide to us (like your name and contact details), we’ll use in accordance with our Privacy Policy and these terms. Where there’s a conflict between our Privacy Policy and these terms, then these terms will prevail. 
  • Your device and SIM likely contain a lot of data, including non-personal data, personal data, and special category data (together “Data”). There may be some incidental processing of the Data when repairing the device. 
  • When there is special category data on a device or SIM, we’ll only process this data as necessary to carry out the repair. Before we can process any special category data, we require your explicit consent. By agreeing to these terms, you instruct us to process any special category personal data as required to carry out the repair and give us, and our agents on our behalf, explicit consent to process the data for these purposes.
  • It’s possible that while carrying out the repair your Data may be lost or corrupted. If this happens, and you’ve not backed up or made a copy of the Data that’s on your device as recommended, we’re not responsible for any loss you suffer due to corruption of your Data or software programmes or damage to your equipment unless it’s because of our negligence. It’s your responsibility to protect the Data on your device. We recommend you do the following before you hand us your device: 

a. Backup or make a copy of your Data.
b. Remove any Data you don’t want to be processed as part of the repair.
c. Disable all security passwords.

We can help you make a backup or copy of your Data. But we’re not responsible if any information gets lost as part of that back up process. Remember, apps or content that you bought before agreeing to a software update or repair may not be compatible with new software installed.

We’re also not responsible for any failures or delays in performing the repair that occur due to events outside our reasonable control.

So that you’re aware, we may subcontract other service providers to carry out the repair on our behalf as part of these terms.

When you’re using this repair service, you warrant and represent that:

  • Your device doesn’t contain illegal files or Data.
  • You’re not aware of any offence being committed through the carrying out of a repair, including but not limited to, any offences in relation to the unlawful access, copying, destruction or transferral of Data.    

By agreeing to these terms, you confirm that you’re over 18 and are either the device owner or you’re the authorised user of the device.

When this repair service is being used:

  • You must remove your SIM and memory card. Do this before your repair request is processed. If they’re not, they won’t be returned with your Device when we send it back from the repair centre. 
  • Any security software must be disabled. This includes ‘Find My iPhone’ and any other fingerprint or facial recognition security features. If it’s not, we’ll be unable inspect your Device to undertake our assessments and it’ll be returned without being repaired. 
  • Our experts will decide what repairs are needed and whether they're covered by your manufacturer's warranty (the “Warranty”). 
  • Depending on the fault we might have to remove your Device’s screen protector if it has one. EE won’t repair or replace any screen protector that we must remove.
  • For any Samsung Devices our repair centre needs your permission to open the Device for repair as the Device may sustain further damage if opened. 
  • If your repairs are covered by the Warranty, they’ll be carried out and the Device returned at no cost to you. Sometimes it’s not possible to repair your Device. In these circumstances we’ll send you a Device of similar specification and quality from our stock of refurbished equipment. If we provide you with a replacement, we won’t return your faulty Device. 

Pick up drop off

We operate a pick up drop off repair service. However, this option is only available if you call us as customer service advisors need to book this in — this service isn’t available for walk ins.

Typically, it takes 10 calendar days from the date your Device is booked in to complete the repairs and return it to you — this may vary.

A Warranty may not cover the repairs for your Device if:

i. They’re necessary because of damage you wilfully or negligently cause.
ii. The Device has been subject to unauthorised repairs. 
iii. The Warranty has expired.

We’ll contact you if some or all the repairs necessary are outside of Warranty.

You can also find your repair quotation on our repair tracker

We won’t start any repairs until you’ve confirmed that you’re happy with your quotation and we’ve received payment for any out of Warranty repair work.

We’ll always try to contact you three times within three business days of preparing your quotation.  If we don’t get your confirmation that you’re happy to proceed with any out of Warranty repairs, we’ll return your Device unrepaired. If you have insurance, check your policy for details as it may cover the cost of any out of Warranty repairs.

After you've paid, it usually takes about five days to complete the repairs and return your Device.

In store repair

This is available for certain manufacturers and models at selected stores only.

We aim to repair and return your Device to the store that you dropped it off at on the same day or the day after (the time of return can’t be guaranteed). Depending on the complexity of the repairs it may take longer though. Devices brought into store after 15.00 won’t be examined for repair until the following working day. We’ll let you know when your Device is ready to be collected from our store.  

If you’re collecting your Device from an EE store, you’ll have 28 calendar days from the date we tell you to pick it up. We’ll send you an SMS to remind you. If you don’t collect by day 30 you may not be able to get it back.  

A Warranty may not cover the repairs for your Device if:

i. They’re necessary because of damage you wilfully or negligently cause. 
ii. The Device has been subject to unauthorised repairs. 
iii. The Warranty has expired.

During your repair booking we may need to take an upfront payment to cover the cost of the repair.

We may need to call you when your repair is underway to discuss any damage not identified at the time of booking and any cost implications. We’ll need your verbal approval that you’re happy with for the repair to continue and pay any extra costs. In this case we’d take payment when you collect your Device. The upfront payment will appear on your paperwork.

  • Apple Care+ events – Excess fee payment for this repair would be taken upon collection of the device (if required).
  • For any Apple Care + devices please see for full details and exclusions.

We’ll always try to contact you three times within three business days of preparing your quotation.  If we don’t get your confirmation that you’re happy to proceed with any out of Warranty repairs, we’ll return your Device unrepaired. If you have insurance, check your policy for details as it may cover the cost of any out of Warranty repairs.

Loan Devices

If your Device needs to be sent away for repair: 

  • We can offer you a loan device and compatible charger to use until your Device is repaired and returned. This service is only available if we have some loan devices free when you book your repair in-store. You can use the loan device until your Device is ready for collection. 
  • Loan devices are provided to you on a free hire basis. Loan devices remain our property and you must always take proper care of it to prevent the loss or theft. If it gets stolen, you must report the theft to the police and obtain a crime reference number. You must also ensure that the loan device isn’t tampered with, disassembled, misused, neglected, or damaged. You mustn’t sell it, hire it out or allow any other person (whether free or for a fee) to use it. Nor must you use it as security for a loan or to off-set any debts you may have incurred.  
  • If you need an Apple loan device, we’ll ask you to pay a security deposit. If your Apple loan device is lost, stolen or damaged beyond normal wear and tear, we’ll retain your security deposit. The security deposit will appear on your paperwork. The deposit for Apple loan devices is £150 for the device you hire and the type of misuse or damage — a summary of the charges is below, and a full list is available upon request. If you’ve returned the Apple loan device but have lost or damaged the charger, the price of this will be deducted from your deposit paid and the balance will be returned to you.


Apple Deposit

Lost or stolen loan phone


Faulty beyond economical repair (phone has sustained one or more serious faults that will cost more to repair than to replace the device).


Damaged: screen cracked/smashed, pixel damage, charger port damage


Damaged: charger


A few things that you should be aware of:
  • This isn’t an exhaustive list and any insurance you have won’t cover these charges.  
  • If your Device is being returned to an EE store and you don’t collect it as set out above, we’ll retain your security deposit.
  • Before you return the device it’s your responsibility to back up your loan device, including:
    • Address book, applications.
    • Texts, emails, picture messages or photos, music, and any other content you may have downloaded to your phone. 
    • Auto filled information like online banking or shopping details.
  • If you fail to return the loan phone, we will retain your security deposit and blacklist the device.  

EE Insurance Repairs

If you’ve selected to have your device repaired at a nominated EE store under your EE insurance product then, supplementary to the standard repair terms above and your existing insurance terms & conditions, these additional insurance terms shall also apply:

  • Before your device can be repaired you will need to have made a successful claim with Us. The best way to do this is online by logging into your My EE account and heading to the Plan & Add-ons section. Alternatively, you can call 150 from your EE phone or 07953 966 250 from any other device.
  • If your claim has been approved, we will determine if your device qualifies for a repair based on the damage, model, and age of your Device. If it qualifies then we will provide you instructions on booking your repair at an EE store.
  • Once booked and you are in an EE store, our experts will complete a physical inspection of your device to ensure that it can be repaired. If the damage is deemed beyond economical repair, our expert let you know and advise you on the next steps to receive a replacement device.
  • An excess fee is applicable on all insurance claims, full details of your excess fee can be found on your insurance welcome letter, your insurance terms and conditions, or by visiting What excess and charges apply to my policy?
  • Additionally, you will have been advised of your insurance excess fee and how this payment is taken during your insurance claim. If you opt for a repair and our experts identify that your device cannot be repaired, you will be charged the corresponding excess for a replacement device in line with your insurance terms and conditions.

For full Small Business terms, please visit EE Small Business insurance terms

If you opt to take a loan device whilst your repair is taking place, the loan device will not be covered under your insurance policy and the loan device terms above will be applied.

Important information

Just so that you know:

  • You can track your repair online 
  • If there’s a conflict between the information on the website and what we tell you when we contact you, the information provided when we contact you will be correct. 
  • We can send you updates by SMS or email; just let us know your preferred method of communication. We’ll store and use your personal information in accordance with our privacy policy
  • Remember that this legal stuff doesn't affect your general terms and conditions of service (the “Network Terms”). So, you must still pay your bills while your phone is being repaired if you have the use of a loan phone or not. If you're a pay as you go customer, you'll have to pay for top up credit during the time that you have the loan phone. 
  • If you choose an internet enabled loan phone and your price plan doesn’t include internet services, you'll need to buy a data add-on.  Remember, using or downloading apps or games means going online. 

If your Device is beyond economical repair, we'll let you know, and we’ll explain your available options so that you can get up and running again as soon as possible. 

To determine if your Device is inherently faulty, damaged beyond economical repair or outside of Warranty, our independent repair centre will assess it. We’ll use their diagnosis and findings to decide whether you’re entitled to a free or charge repair. This reasonably informed decision is final.

  • Remember your statutory rights aren’t affected by using this assisted Warranty repair service.
  • EE won't help you cover the cost of any repairs to your Device that are carried out by a third party.
  • By sending your phone to our repair centre, you'll be agreeing to these terms.
  • If you need to speak to anyone about the repair of your Device whilst it’s with our repair centre, please call us on 01233 277053 for a standard repair booking. If your repair was booked through our in-store repair journey, you’ll need to contact the store directly. Calls are chargeable, check the cost of calling with your service provider. 

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