A Pocket Landline is a fixed line number that diverts straight through to your mobile, only without the cost of a landline. It’s called this as most of us keep our mobile phone in our pocket.

What types of Pocket Landline are available?

Depending on what you need, you’ve a few Pocket Landline (PLL) options available:

  • Pocket Landline 1-2-1: One local landline number that routes through to one mobile number.
  • Pocket Landline Many to 1: Multiple local landline numbers routing through to one mobile number .
  • Pocket Landline 1 to 5: One local landline number routing through to up to five different mobiles on the account.
  • Pocket Landline 1 to 10: One local landline number routing through to up to 10 different mobiles on the account.

All options have a minimum 12 month term and early termination charges are applicable.

What are the key features of Pocket Landline?

When you sign up to Pocket Landline, we’ll give you a username and password to access the Pocket Landline Portal. From here you can manage how your customers contact you and all the settings and statistics for the service. These include:

Choosing a welcome message

You can choose to have a welcome message played to all callers. Choose from the pre-set list of messages or upload and select your own.

Controlling when you and how you are available

You can route calls you receive on the landline to one or several mobile numbers and choose the exact hours when you’re available or unavailable.

Unavailable messages

If you're unavailable, you’ve got the option to play a message to callers to let them know. You can select from a standard list or create and upload your own.

Handle calls even when you are unavailable

You can choose to automatically end the call, take a message or still call the mobile. If anyone leaves you a voice message, this is recorded and sent to you as an email.

How do I sign up to Pocket Landline?

To sign up to Pocket Landline just contact our Customer Service team  

As part of the service, we can create a local landline number for you, so you don’t need to have an existing landline number.

If you’ve already got a landline number, we might be able to transfer it over to your Pocket Landline.

How to I control my Pocket Landline features?

When you sign up to Pocket Landline, we’ll send you an email with a username and password so you can access the Pocket Landline website. You can do this any time from a mobile, tablet or desktop to make changes to your Pocket Landline set up including availability and recorded messages.

Forgotten your login information? Reset your Pocket Landline password

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