Call diverts, also called call forwarding, let you divert calls from your phone to another number in the UK. They’re quick and easy to set up and use.  

You need to set them up on your phone — they can’t be set up remotely or via Customer Service.

Types of call divert

There are two different types of call divert you can set:

These divert calls based on certain conditions, e.g. your phone’s busy or when there’s no answer.

These divert all calls without your phone ringing.

How do I set up and remove a call divert?

You’ll need to do this from your device and you’ve got two ways to set up the divert.

Through our automated system:

  • To set up a divert, call 150 then select option 1 > option 2 > option 4 > option 1       
  • To remove a divert, call 150 then select option 1 > option 2 > option 4 > option 2

Or you can set them up and remove them via your device settings.

For Apple devices:

  1. From Settings, select Call Forwarding
  2. Toggle the Call Forwarding option so it turns green
  3. Tap Forward To and type in the number you’d like to forward calls to
  4. Tap on Call Forwarding to return to settings and save the change
  5. You’ll see a phone icon with an arrow at the top of your screen - call divert is now active
  6. To remove the Divert just toggle the Call Forwarding option off again

For Android devices:

  1. Tap the phone icon and then tap the Menu icon (three dots)
  2. Choose Settings or Call Settings (dependant on your device)
  3. Tap on Call Forwarding and select the option you want
  4. After choosing your option, enter the number you’d like to forward calls to and press OK
  5. A phone icon with an arrow at the top of your screen confirms call divert is active
  6. To cancel your call divert, select Disable in the step 4, select Voice calls
  7. Turn all options Off

What do call diverts cost?

Setting up or changing a call divert to voicemail is free for all EE Small Business customers.

If you’re diverting a call to another UK number, then the call is charged at the call rate for the price plan you’re on. If the UK number you’re diverting calls to is included in your price plan allowance (such as a landline or mobile number) then this will come out of your allowance just like a standard call. If you exceed your allowance, then normal charges will apply.

If you divert to a number not included in your price plan, such as 08 numbers, then call charges will apply.

If you’re abroad and using a call divert normal roaming charges will apply.

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