Some people struggle to get a good network signal at home – things like thick walls, basements and certain types of glass can reduce your signal.

Signal Box is a device that uses your home broadband connection to give you great reception around the house. It plugs into your broadband router and creates a link to our network to provide indoor coverage.

It works by providing 3G coverage with a range of about 15 metres, so anyone with access can make a call just as normal. Any customers on EE can use the same box.

You'll need a minimum fixed broadband download speed of 512kbps and an upload speed of 256kbps. You can check your speed at It’ll work no matter which Broadband provider you use.

You'll also need:

  • a spare Ethernet port in your router
  • a spare power supply near your router
  • a 3G compatible phone on EE.

Activate your Signal Box

To activate your Signal Box you'll need to call Customer Services with the IMEI number, which is printed on the packaging and the Signal Box itself, along with the post code where the Signal Box will be used.

  • If you're on an EE plan call 0800 956 6141

Make sure you have your Signal Box handy when you call, because we'll need a number that's printed on it. The green light will flash quickly while it's activating and turn solid green when it's ready to use. This usually takes no more than one hour to happen.

Using your Signal Box

Once activated, your number will automatically work. Whenever you're on a call connected through your box, the green light will flash slowly and you'll hear a beep at the start of the call.

Up to four people can connect to your Signal Box at any one time. However, if you have a slower broadband connection this could be limited to one or two people connecting at the same time.

As Signal Box uses broadband to create a signal, it will use some of your home broadband allowance. To give you a guide – a 20 minute call will use around 9MB. For an average household we predict the Signal Box will use around 500MB a month, but it depends how many calls you make and messages you send. 

When you use Signal Box, we recommend you connect to your home WiFi because it saves on your monthly data allowance and is generally faster.

If you stray out of the range of the Signal Box whilst you’re on a call, your call may drop.  If there is an EE signal available when this happens your call will continue uninterrupted. However if your phone can’t connect to the EE network, your call will drop.

You need to have a handset that works with 3G for Signal Box to work. Older 2G handsets cannot use Signal Box as it relies on a 3G signal.

What do the lights mean?

Green light flashing quickly

Sometimes your Signal Box may lose connection with us. It's worth unplugging it and then re-connecting it again, leaving it for a few hours to rectify itself. If the problem persists, call customer services.

Red light - single flash

This means that Signal Box isn't connected properly. Check the cables are plugged in correctly to the router and your Signal Box. If this doesn't work, try changing the Ethernet cable and leave it for a couple of hours to reset before giving us a call.

Red light - sequence of two flashing lights

The Signal Box is not receiving an internet connection. Check the connection of your home broadband.

Red light - sequence of three flashing lights

Something else is interfering with the signal. Make sure the Signal Box is at least 60cm away from the router and check it's not too close to other electrical equipment.

Changing broadband or router

If you change your home broadband supplier or router then the Signal Box will stop working and the green light will flash quickly.

You'll need to call customers services to get it re-activated. This is just security feature to help us prevent fraud.

If you are moving home

If you move home, you may find that you won’t need to use your Signal Box any more, depending on network coverage in your new home. Find out more about 4G Calling and WiFi Calling  and see if you have a compatible phone. 

If you find that you still need to use your Signal Box in your new home, you'll need to call customer service to get it reactivated. This is just a security feature to help us prevent fraud.

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