Waste Less, Save More. From time-to-time, we may offer enhanced MRC (monthly reoccurring cost) trade-ins. These are available specifically for promotional periods only and are subject to eligibility and availability Terms and Conditions.

Enhanced MRC trade-in customers will receive a monthly recurring credit on their plan for 24 or 36 months from when the first monthly credit was applied (as chosen by you).

Why it’s great:

  • Simple: All you have to do is wait for the returns bag to arrive, pop in your device, and post it back for free within 14days.
  • Save: When you use enhanced MRC trade-in, the value will be applied as a monthly credit, making your new monthly plan even cheaper.
  • Recycle: Working with Likewize, our trade-in partner, all old devices are securely refurbished and recycled.
  • Secure: All devices are completely re-wiped before any refurbishment or resale. So, you know your data will never be in the wrong hands.

How is enhanced MRC trade-in different to standard MRC trade-in?

  • Bigger Credits: Our enhanced MRC trade-in promotions usually provide larger monthly credits for an old device.
  • Time Limited: Unlike Standard MRC trade-in, Enhanced MRC trade-ins are time-limited promotions. The eligible list of devices that can be traded in is specific and differs from offer to offer.

Find out more about our standard MRC trade-in here.

Enhanced MRC Trade-in for New & Existing Business Customers

When joining EE or upgrading an existing contract you may be offered an enhanced MRC trade-in. Eligible customers will receive a reoccurring monthly credit on their new plan, and we’ll recycle the old device. Just another way that we’re taking steps today to build a better tomorrow.​

To qualify, customers will need to purchase an eligible device on a business plan and have a qualifying trade-in device. Details of enhanced MRC trade-in offers and eligibility will be outlined in the small business price guide.

During trade-in promotional periods, customers can arrange an enhanced MRC trade-in through the EE Business shop, or by calling 0800 956 6108 during the following opening hours:

9am – 7pm (Monday to Friday)

9am – 5pm (Saturday) 

What we need to know

If you’re eligible we’ll need to know the device model and IMEI number. To quickly find your IMEI number just dial *#06# to get it.

We may need to confirm that a device is in the appropriate condition to be eligible for a promotion. To do this we’ll need to ask some simple questions on the condition of the screen, camera, and casing.

For details on promotion eligibility, go to the Trade In Terms section of the Small Business Price Guide.

What you need to know

The monthly recurring credit applies for 24 months or 36 months from when the first credit was applied. See table below for details:

Minimum Term

Length of monthly credit

Removal of monthly credit

24 months

24 months

The monthly credit will be removed at the end of month 24

30 months

24 months

The monthly credit will be removed at the end of month 24

36 months

24 or 36 months as chosen by you

The monthly credit will be removed at either the end of month 24 or 36 depending on the length of monthly credit you have agreed to

Please note: If a device plan is longer than 24 months and the length of monthly credit selected is 24 months, the credit will automatically be removed and will be no longer applicable from month 25 onwards.

We use a third-party company called Likewize to arrange the returns package and complete the device trade-in for us. Just so you’re aware we don’t have the means to send a new returns pack as it’s completed by Likewize.

For any questions not relating to the actual return please contact EE.

Once you’ve made a Trade-in request, you’ll receive an email confirmation from Likewize. They’ll also send text reminders to your contact mobile number.

If you’ve not received your returns package within five days of receiving the email confirmation, you can request a new returns pack from Likewize. Just follow the instructions contained within the email confirmation to reorder.

If you no longer have your email confirmation, please contact Likewize:

If you don’t return the device, you’ll receive text and email reminders from Likewize until you complete the trade-in request.

If a device isn’t returned using the returns package, we’ll remove the monthly discount from your account.

All Apple Trade-in devices must have Find My iPhone turned off before being returned.

Enhanced MRC Trade-In terms apply, please see the Trade In Terms section of the Small Business Price Guide.

Likewize Terms & Conditions also apply as set out under the Small Business terms section. Please see the Likewize Trade In Terms as these may be amended by Likewize from time to time.

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