Do you have an iPhone with a Full Works EE plan? You‘ll be able to get Apple One as an Inclusive Extra plus another Inclusive Extra of your choice.

Apple One bundles up Apple Services into one easy subscription which you have as part of your Full Works plan.

What's included with Apple One?

With Apple One you’ll get Apple Music, Apple TV+, Apple Arcade and iCloud+ with 50GB of iCloud storage. You get all four included for the length of your contract, for your own personal use, as part of your Full Works plan for iPhone.

How do I get Apple One in my Full Works plan?

Apple One is exclusively included in the Full Works plan for iPhone and it’s automatically added to your plan. 

When you sign up with the Full Works plan, we’ll automatically send you a text message with a link to the Apple App. You’ll then need to either sign in using your Apple iD or create one to start using Apple One. 

How do I select Apple One as an Inclusive Extra?

Apple One is built into your Full Works plan so you don’t need to select it. But you do get another Inclusive Extra as well as Apple One. To choose yours, either text PICK to 150 or follow these steps:

  1. Log in to My EE or use the EE app.
  2. Go to Menu > Plans, Inclusive Extras & add-ons.
  3. Select Inclusive Extras and follow the steps to select your additional Inclusive Extra.

What happens if I'm already paying for one of the Apple Services included in Apple One?

If you’re paying for them through EE, we’ll remove them from your account automatically. 

If you’re already paying for them through Apple, these services will be automatically cancelled, apart from iCloud storage.

You’ll keep your iCloud storage and the 50GB iCloud+ data you get with Apple One will automatically stack on top of any other iCloud+ data you currently have with Apple.

What happens if I already have one or more of these Apple Services as a free trial?

Your Apple One Inclusive Extra will begin as soon as you activate it using the link in our text message, and any remaining days of a free trial will be lost.

What happens if I’m currently paying for Apple One?

If you’re currently subscribed to Apple One, you just need to complete the Apple One Inclusive Extra activation journey that we’ll send you and it’ll be automatically cancelled.

The legal bit

Full Works for iPhone plans include access to Apple One Individual subscription. If you have an existing iCloud account directly with Apple, you will continue to be charged and your additional 50GB will be stacked on top of your current allowance. Only available to iOS users. Apple One is for your personal, non-commercial use only. Requires an iPhone using iOS14 or later. Apple ID required. You must not attempt to share, edit or adapt the content made available to you. Content is variable and may be withdrawn at any time. UK use only. Apple One terms apply. 

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