We’re sorry that you're leaving EE. Here’s some information to help you understand  your final bill. 

How to access your final bill 

If you’ve asked to disconnect some of your lines and keep others active, we’ll send you a final bill for the disconnected numbers on your normal billing date. 

If you’ve asked to disconnect all of the your lines on your account, we’ll send your final bill by post within 10 working days of your lines being disconnected from our network.  

You can view your final bills in My EE.


Using the My EE website

  • Login to My EE 
  • Select Invoices and Payments from the menu.
  • Choose the bill you want to view from the dropdown box.

Using the EE app

  • Select the Invoices and Payments from the menu.
  • Your most recent bill is automatically displayed.
  • Select Previous Invoice and choose the bill you want to view.


What your final bill covers

In your final bill you’ll see:

  • Monthly plan charges, including any add-ons or additional services from your bill date up until the cancellation date.
  • A credit for any monthly plan charges, including any add-ons or additional services that you paid for but didn’t use.
  • Charges for any additional usage like calls, texts and data outside of your plan allowance.

Depending on how long was left on your minimum term when you ended your contract, you might also see:

  • An Early Termination Charge; applied if your line was within its minimum term with more than 30 days until the end date. We calculate this from the date you asked to cancel to the end of your minimum term.
  • Notice Period Charge; applied if you’re in the last 30 days of your minimum term, or your minimum term has finished. It’s based on 30 days’ line rental from the date you asked to cancel your contract.
  • A PAC code charge; calculated from the date your number is transferred, not the date you receive your PAC code.


Credit balance refunds

If there’s credit on your account after it’s been closed, we’ll process an automatic refund around eight days after the date of your final bill.

If you’ve a Direct Debit set up we’ll pay the money straight into your bank account. If not, we'll send a cheque to your registered address


Paying your final bill 

If you’ve a Direct Debit set up we’ll take payment as normal. If you don’t, your final bill has information on ways to make your final payment.

You can also see these online: How to pay your EE Business bill

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