Decision Maker Controls are our way of identifying the best person to contact if we need to discuss your EE Small Business account. As many Small Businesses have multiple mobile numbers on their account it’s important that we’re contacting the right person. 

What is a Decision Maker? 

It’s the person we contact if we ever need to get in touch about important account updates. You can set up a flag on your account to tell us which mobile number belongs to the Decision Maker. This makes it easy for us to identify the best person and the number to call if we need to get in touch. The Decision Maker always needs to pass our normal security when we call them.

What authority does a Decision Maker have?

The Decision Maker will be able to enable permissions on the account via our IVR and text services, they will also receive all important account information messages such a price rises, account changes and any late payment notices among others.

The Decision Maker number should be the contact number of the current Account Holder. When calling us we’ll still require normal security to be passed before accessing the account.

How many Decision Makers can I have?

If you have a Sole Trader, Self Employed or a Small Partnership account then you can have one Decision Maker.

If you have a Limited Company, Large Partnership, Charity or Government account, then you can have a maximum of two Decision Makers.  

How do I set up a Decision Maker?

We’re automatically setting up Decision Makers for any Small Business customers who join EE, order an additional line, or upgrade after 3rd June 2021. We’ll send a letter to the billing address that we hold on your account letting you know this is being done.

All other Small Business customers can set up a Decision Maker by texting DM CHANGE to 150 at any time.

How do I set up a second Decision Maker?

If you’re a Limited Company, Large Partnership, Charity or Government account, only the first Decision Maker can set up a second Decision Maker. You can do this by texting 150 with ADD DM2 followed by the 11 digits of the nominated number, like this ADD DM2 07712345678.

How do I change my Decision Maker? 

If you’d like to change the Decision Maker to another number on your account, you can send a text message with DM CHANGE to 150 at any time. 

We’ll send a text message to the current Decision Maker asking them to confirm that the change can go ahead. You can also make changes to your Decision Maker details by contacting Customer Service.

Can I let people other than the Decision Maker access my account?

Yes, you can allow other people (End Users) to access your account by giving them the account password.

As they’re not the Decision Maker they won’t have full control over the account. However they can discuss bills, make payments and add or remove add-ons, amongst other things.  

You should keep your account secure and only give access to people that you trust.



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