Now you're on 4GEE, you'll want to keep your shiny 4G phone performing as well as it can. From time to time you'll be offered software updates to help do this.

Software developers often produce newer versions of their apps and other software to improve performance or fix problems.

Usually you won't need to do anything to get an update of your software - you just need to accept the update terms and conditions. Then the download will happen automatically.


What software updates are for

Software updates are usually created as a result of feedback from users of the product about any difficulties they are experiencing, so downloading and installing updates is usually a good idea as it removes any errors (even if you haven't experienced any). Software updates can also include new functionality.

Companies providing software for your mobile, laptop or tablet sometimes want to send you updates. This can be to bring the software up to date, to add new features, or to improve security.

Updates can usually be set to download on to your mobile phone, laptop or tablet automatically.  All you need to do is agree to the software update's terms and conditions.

When to update your software

If you want to save your data allowance for other things, you might want to accept software updates when you're using WiFi. You can set your mobile, tablet or laptop to 'Auto Update' and choose 'WiFi Only'.

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