The BT Sport app is closing on 12 October 2023.
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Since we use our phones for email, banking and shopping, keeping your personal details secure is absolutely vital.

Simple tips to help keep your phone secure

  • Make sure you've locked your phone with a PIN - if you lose your phone, it's locked
  • Make sure you’ve activated SIM PIN and changed your PIN to something memorable. This stops your EE SIM being used fraudulently in another device if it gets stolen
  • If your phone is lost or stolen, change all the passwords for the services you use on it, especially your email, social networks and mobile banking
  • Don't reply to emails or texts from people you don’t know
  • Turn off your WiFi if you’re in a public area and you're not using it.
  • Consider backing up your phone with Clone Phone. This is our service for keeping your precious contacts, photos, videos and more backed up in case your phone is lost or stolen.

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