iPhone XS camera specs

The new photography features on the iPhone XS takes the world’s most popular camera to the next level. Featuring dual rear cameras, a TrueDepth front camera and an advanced Neural Engine, iPhone XS removes the need to buy a camera for your business.

iPhone XS camera megapixels

The iPhone XS features 12MP dual rear cameras and a 7MP front camera. And as you’re probably aware, the larger the number of megapixels your camera has, the clearer the images it will be able to capture. So with an iPhone XS, you’ll be able to capture sharp images in high definition.

iPhone XS front and rear camera features

The front camera of the iPhone XS has a wide-angle lens. Featuring all-new video stabilisation, it records in 1080p HD video which is perfect for video conferencing.

The dual rear cameras of the iPhone XS give you greater depth of field. One camera has a wide-angle lens and the other features a telephoto lens. Combined they provide Dual Optical Image Stabilisation (Dual OIS) to help you snap clearer, sharper images. And capture 4K video at up to 60 frames per second.

iPhone XS camera tips for business

When you visit the App Store, you’ll find over 235,000 apps for business. And a host of these make full use of the advanced features of the iPhone XS camera. Here’s just a small selection of the ways your iPhone XS camera could benefit your business.

Digitise paper documents

The App Store has a range of apps that turn your iPhone XS lens into a powerful scanner. Use your camera to capture an image of a document, which you can crop, resize and enhance, and store in your choice of digital formats, such as .jpeg, .tif or .pdf.

Many forms of accountancy software also use this technology to upload business receipts quickly and easily. That takes the hassle out of managing and recording your cash flow.

Translate foreign text for cross-border business

Apps like Google Translate use your iPhone XS camera to translate text from one language to another. Just specify which language you’re capturing, and to which language you need it translated. Then hold your camera over the text you want to read, and it translates on screen automatically.

Remember, apps like these aren’t perfect, so we wouldn’t recommend relying on it for translating an important contract. But if you’re on a business trip, they’re ideal for translating menus or signs.

Portrait mode for professional photos

It’s never been easier to capture professional-grade photographs on iPhone. The combination of the 12MP dual rear cameras, the advanced Neural Engine, and the A12 Bionic chip, means you can capture clearer, sharper images in a broader range of light conditions. And it’s never been easier to manipulate your iPhone XS photos after you’ve taken them, without the need for additional software.

So whether you’re snapping headshots for a security pass, capturing landscape images for a site survey, or taking portraits for your company website, the iPhone XS camera is all you’ll need.

If you’d like to see more of the great business features, visit the EE Business iPhone XS page today.

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