WiFi on your device

It should be quick and easy to connect your iPhone to WiFi. But here are some common problems, and how to put things right, fast.


Your iPhone’s not connected to WiFi

Follow the simple steps to connect your iPhone to WiFi.


Can’t find a WiFi network on your iPhone

If your WiFi is switched on in Settings > Wi-Fi but you can’t see the WiFi network you want, here are some things to check:

  • Make sure the WiFi router is switched on
  • Make sure you’re in range of the router – you won’t be able to connect if you’re too far away


Was expecting to connect to WiFi automatically

If you’ve connected to a WiFi network before, it’s easy to join it again. Your iPhone can help you do this. If you see Auto Join Disabled under the WiFi network, just tap it to switch on Auto Join. Next time you’re in range of that network, you’ll connect to the WiFi automatically.


Password problems

Some WiFi networks are password-protected. So you’ll need to enter a password before you can use the WiFi. You may need to contact the WiFi owner to get their password.

If you’ve entered the correct password but see Unable to join the network or Incorrect password, restart all your devices and enter the password again.


Problems with the WiFi network

Your iPhone tells you if there are problems with the WiFi you’re connecting to. To get more information and tips to fix things, just tap the WiFi network.


WiFi still not working? Restart everything

Sometimes switching a device off then on again can fix WiFi connection problems. First restart your iPhone, then try to connect to WiFi. If WiFi’s still not working, restart the router or modem, and try again.


Still can’t connect to WiFi? Reset your iPhone’s Network Settings

Tap Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings. This is the last thing to try, as it will also reset WiFi networks and passwords, VPN and APN settings, and cellular settings that you’ve used before.

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