This article is for EE customers who have recently provided us with a PAC Code. If you haven’t already and want to keep your number then click here.

Thank you for providing us with your PAC code. Here’s a few things we wanted to remind you about:

Before your number transfers over

  • Make sure you’ve backed up all your contacts onto your old SIM and copy them onto your new phone. 

On the day of the transfer

  • When your number transfers over you may experience slight loss of service on the day. This is just while the process completes and should only last a short period.

After the transfer has completed

  • If you have insurance then contact the provider to update the number
  • Text AL to 150 to check what allowance you have left.
  • Login to your EE app and update the number
  • iPhone only – make sure you update the settings in iMessage to show your new number. 
  • You Fix/Pay as you go only: make sure you register your new number on your Top Up card 
  • Call 222 from your phone to set up your Voicemail.

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