Whichever device you have, it’s a straightforward process to wipe your data from it. Just select your device and follow the simple steps.

Erasing your iPhone data

Any data you delete can’t be accessed through the iPhone interface, but you’ll still be able to find it in iPhone storage. You can erase your iPhone from Settings on the device, or use a computer to do this: 

Erasing your Samsung data

You can remove all personal information, changes, and data from your Samsung device. Doing so will return it to the same settings and data that it had when it left the factory:

Erasing your Windows data

By resetting your Windows phone, you’ll return it to the same state it was in when you first turned it on. You’ll erase all your personal content and restore your phone’s factory settings.

Erasing your Google phone data

Erasing your data on your Google phone will permanently delete all your data stored on your phone, though not what’s on SD cards.

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