Unbilled Usage and Alerting

You asked, we delivered!

From December 2023 Mobile Manager will have the ability to show your unbilled usage in a brand-new section on the site. You will also be able to set up usage alerts to help you control your monthly spend.

This development follows feedback from customers and a successful trial as part of our continuous effort to improve Mobile Manager and the tools most effective and useful to you.

The unbilled usage feeds will not be ‘real time’ but will update every one to two days. This will give you much more visibility and control over how your employees are using their devices within your current monthly billing period - rather than having to wait until the account is fully invoiced.

Here’s how the Unbilled Usage and Alerting will look for customers. 

Image of download structure page in Mobile Manager
Image showing My Alerts Configuration page in Mobile Manager

What will change for users?

For top level administrators, the new functionality will be visible within the ’Overview’ and ’Reports’ sections on Mobile Manager. This gives administrators the ability to view all unbilled usage, set alerts and see when the latest unbilled information was loaded.

Why is this needed?

We want to offer our customers the best possible experience. In addition to a more engaging design, the new features give customers the ability to see device usage since their last billed invoice and to set customisable alerts. This means you can be kept informed when certain thresholds have been breached, allowing you to stay on top of your charges and estate.

What do I need to do to have this enabled?

Unfortunately, Unbilled Usage and Alerting isn’t available for all customers.

If you are an indirect customer or a reseller (or a customer of either) please contact your Account Manager for further information.

Unbilled is only available for top-level administrators. If you are not a top-level administrator and feel you require this access, please speak to the main administrator within your company.

How do I use it?

We’ve created a handy new user guide and video in our help and support area.  This explains all you need to know about the new functionality.

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