Show the detailed tiers of your company hierarchy or cost centre set up in your reports. Thanks to customer feedback, even the largest and most complex structures will now be immediately clear.


Image of phone reports section of Mobile Manager



You can show the hierarchy in the Phone summary, Most expensive and Longest call pages of the Reports section.



1. Select the cog icon on the right-hand side and then select configuration.

Image of cog menu on phone reports page in Mobile Manager


2. Choose the tiers you want to show by ticking the box next to them in the first list.

Image showing tiers on phone reports page in Mobile Manager


3. In the second list, tick the Hierarchy columns box in order to show the levels you have just selected.

Here you can also customise the order of the columns of your report by dragging them, as well as hiding unnecessary columns by unticking the corresponding box.

Image showing hierarchy columns being reordered in Mobile Manager

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