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Why EE and BT?

EE and BT are here to give your business the best connectivity. You already have the UK’s best network with EE. Just add fast, dependable fibre business broadband with BT. 

As an EE Business customer, you can get 20% off when you buy a new BT business broadband product. Just call us, or arrange a callback, and we’ll find the right broadband deal for your business.

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EE and BT. Better business deals.

Want to know what speeds you can get? Just enter your postcode on BT business broadband deals to see what speeds and deals are available.

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More reasons to choose BT business broadband

Unbreakable connection

Unbreakable connection

All of BT’s Enhanced products include Hybrid Connect, which gives you 4G backup that’s guaranteed. If there’s ever a problem with your broadband, you’ll automatically switch to EE’s 4G network. 

Powerful performance

Powerful performance

You can have multiple users and devices on your network at the same time. So you’ll get super-sharp video calls, share huge files, run cloud apps - all without a hitch.

Fast-lane fibre

Fast-lane fibre

BT can give you lightning-fast fibre speeds of up to 900Mbps. And with BT’s minimum speed guarantee, if your speed drops below what you’ve been promised and they can’t fix it, you can walk away.

Superb support

Superb support

BT can help you get the best out of your kit, including setting up any extras like Complete Wi-Fi discs. And their helpdesk is there to sort out tech struggles any time of the day or night. It’s support that never sleeps.

FAQs about BT business broadband

There’ll be no changes to your existing EE Business account.

As a new BT business broadband customer, you’ll get a new BT account.

This is separate from your EE Business account, and you’ll receive a separate contract and bill.

Contact the BT team on 0800 916 0887 to discuss your order’s progress or update anything on your BT account.

Lines are open 08:00 - 18:00, Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays).

Simply enter your postcode on BT Business broadband deals to see the latest deals and speeds. 

EE Business no longer sells fixed business broadband, but we do have a range of mobile broadband products.

If your business needs internet that can be set up on the go, check out our range of mobile broadband products.

For fixed business broadband visit BT Business broadband deals.

As an EE Business customer you can get 20% off BT Business broadband.

Contact the BT team on 0800 916 0887 to find out what deals are available for your business.