ESN Coverage Extender from EE

Reliable network coverage, wherever you go. 

  • Permanently installed in your vehicle
  • Arrive at a location and activate a bubble of coverage extending around the vehicle, in under 30 seconds
  • Extends coverage in urban and rural environments and within buildings at the scene of an incident
  • Exclusive to ESN users


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Ready for action 

  • Always on seamless experience
  • Multiple concurrent users 
  • Prioritisation and pre-emption over commercial users


Example deployments

Extending coverage into buildings

Pushing coverage into tunnels and other hard to reach places

Extending coverage beyond cell edge

We can plan a session to talk you through the process for your coverage solution

Simply download and complete a short coverage requirement questionnaire and email it back to us on esn.coverageenhancements@ee.co.uk

Download the excel questionnaire