We're with you every step of your ESN journey 

Having built the ESN, and through reviewing your ESN coverage footprint, we can see where you may need additional coverage support.

We offer several solutions to help you maximise your outdoor coverage to ensure you have the coverage you need.

Optimisation (Antenna tilt)

  • Minor adjustments to existing mast site in order to “point” the signal in a better direction
  • This could be to cover the area closer or further from the mast or avoid an object which is blocking signal such as an adjacent building or a large tree.

Additional antennae

  • Mast sites are typically made of multiple antennae that form sectors, each pointing in a different direction
  • In some cases, we can add more antennae and sectors to increase the coverage area served by the site or add in-building antennae to an existing rooftop site.

800MHz spectrum

  • 800MHz is lower capacity, but longer-range coverage, typically suitable for rural areas
  • 800MHz can also better penetrate buildings and can be added to a site already transmitting on other frequencies.

2600MHz spectrum

  • High capacity, lower range coverage suitable for dense urban environments 
  • 2,600MHz sites can be situated closer together, increasing the overall capacity of the network.

New sites

  • If optimisation and additional antennae/spectrum using existing mast sites isn’t sufficient to meet your coverage needs, it’s also possible to build a new outdoor site
  • This may be suitable for very large campuses if many dedicated in-building solutions are not cost effective.

We can plan a session to talk you through the process for your coverage solution

Simply download and complete a short coverage requirement questionnaire and email it back to us on esn.coverageenhancements@ee.co.uk

Download the excel questionnaire