Find out about our work with the Emergency Services Network

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EE connects Scotland’s remote emergency services

EE partners with the Scottish Government to connect remote emergency services to 4G for the first time.

Read how we’re connecting Scotland’s emergency services to 4G



HS1 rail customers stay connected

How EE provides multi mobile operator and Emergency Services Network coverage on the High Speed 1 rail route, even in the tunnels​.

Read the HS1 coverage solution case study [PDF, 199KB]


Richard Harrap on connectivity for emergency services

How we’re bringing connectivity to more of Britain for our emergency services.

Read the BT Blog update on ESN

EE future-proofs coverage for Griffin Park

EE delivers future proof coverage solution at Griffin Park Tactical Training Centre for the Civil Nuclear Constabulary (CNC) and the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). 

Read the Griffin Park coverage solution case study (PDF, 237KB)

EE completes rollout of 4G in Glasgow's Subway stations

4G connectivity is switched on in all Glasgow Subway stations for the first time, enhancing ESN connectivity already available to emergency services. 

Read about the Glasgow subway 4G rollout

EE tackles rural coverage

Our efforts to tackle rural coverage are gaining momentum.

Read about how we're tackling rural coverage

EE connects rural Scottish locations to 4G

EE partners with the Scottish Government and Home Office to connect rural locations to 4G for the first time. 

Read how we're connecting rural Scottish locations to 4G 

EE using satellite for rural and temporary connectivity solutions

How satellite helped create a state-of-the art Emergency Services Network in the UK.

Read about how we're using satellite connectivity 

National Emergency Services Day

How BT is supporting our everyday heroes.

Read about Emergency Services Day 

EE achieves major milestone for ESN

EE reaches 500th site milestone for Emergency Services Network. 

Read about 500th site milestone 

World’s first for emergency air-to-ground communications

EE and Nokia to build the world’s first 4G LTE air-to-ground network for emergency services. 

Read about 4G air-to-ground network 

EE delivering Britain’s Emergency Services Network

EE is selected to deliver critical new 4G voice and data network for Britain’s Emergency Services. 

Read about new 4G network for ESN