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Why might I need an indoor solution

There could be some reasons why signal is finding it difficult to reach the places you need, even if outside coverage is good. A few common examples include:

  • The fabric of a building may block the mobile signal from penetrating the walls
  • Large trees between the mobile mast sites and building may block the signal
  • Office and site renovations can lead to physical changes in the building, which in turn can affect the mobile signal received into the building

ESN Boosters

Low cost ESN coverage solutions you can self-install. Quickly addresses your small coverage gaps. Simple to buy and no need for a survey.


ESN Small Cell Systems

The most flexible guaranteed ESN coverage solution. Small stand-alone base stations, when joined together, creating highly localised hotspots or small coverage areas.


ESN In-building Repeaters

Cost effective, fast to deploy ESN coverage for medium to large spaces. Stand-alone units attached to a series of antennae to amplify outdoor macro coverage, creating a bubble of stronger signal up to 13,000sq ft.


ESN Total Coverage

The complete ESN coverage solution for medium to large spaces, often used for dedicated coverage and high capacity. Mainly consisting of a signal source, such as an onsite base station, and a distributed antennae network.


ESN Total Coverage Plus

Bespoke and furthest reaching ESN coverage with enhanced monitoring services. Capable of supporting thousands of users across large and complex environments.

Example Deployments

Sports Stadium

  • Large building, high capacity
  • >10 antennae, multiple floors

Ideal solution: ESN Total Coverage

Hospital Ward

  • Good outside macro coverage
  • Small area, single floor 
  • Floor size under 10,000m2

Ideal solution: ESN In-building Repeater 

Fire Station

  • Medium sized building
  • Additional capacity needed 

Ideal solution: ESN Small Cell System

We can plan a session to talk you through the process for your coverage solution

Simply download and complete a short coverage requirement questionnaire and email it back to us on

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