Business Connect Usage Alerts

Business Connect usage alerts put you in control

Business Connect usage alerts let you stay in complete control of your account. Get automatic alerts for both individual and shared allowances, letting you know when you’re nearing the end of your allowance or if it has run out.

Not only do we cover UK minutes and texts but also your international minutes and texts allowance, ensuring you’re always fully aware of your usage and spend.

Benefits of receiving business connect usage alerts

Stay in control

Now you can monitor and keep track of your usage, letting you know when you're reaching your limit.

No unwelcome surprises

Reduce the risk of bill shock, which poses a greater risk with even larger accounts.

A range of options

Receive text alerts on both individual and shared allowances when they’re at 80% of their allowance and again when they’ve hit 100%.

Flexible notifications

Set notifications for all end users or just the account holder. Plus, choose between SMS or email alerts.

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Our Business Connect plan provides the flexibility for you to give your individual users exactly what they need.  You maximise value by sharing UK minutes, texts and data.

Watch our video to see how the Business Connect plan is enabling marketing agency Digital Next to stay flexible as they expand.

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