End of Contract

What is Ofcom’s end of contract notice?

Ofcom strongly believes customers should get clear and easy to understand information on their contracts, and a fair deal for their communication services. They want customers to be able to take advantage of the wide choice of services available and shop around with confidence, so that customers can get the best deals for their needs.

To help customers to do this, Ofcom now requires providers to send important information to their customers when their contracts are coming to an end.

Why has EE contacted me about my contract?

We’ve got in touch because a business service you have with us is coming to an end soon. We want to make sure you know what this means for you, what your options are, and to let you know about current offers that may be better for you than the one you chose with us.

Will you contact me about my contract if I’ve chosen to not receive marketing?

Yes, under the Ofcom regulations we’re required to let you know about your contract coming to an end. However, we won’t use your data to recommend any products or deals if you’ve not allowed us to do this.

What options are open to me?

If you want to stay with your current service on the terms we’ve told you about, you don’t need to do anything.

If you’d like to discuss the new options we’ve sent you, just get in touch.

How do you recommend the packages for me?

We take into account what you have with us already, and suggest alternatives based on the deals and products we can give you.

And if you’ve chosen marketing preferences that allow us to use your data, we have clever technology that can make tailored recommendations based on your usage details.

How long will the recommended packages be available?

Want to choose one of your new recommendations? You have 70 days to do so from the date we sent them to you. So don’t wait too late – you won’t want to miss out on a better offer.

How do I contact EE for more information?

Just choose the best way to get in touch to talk about your business package.


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