The easy way to keep your business on the road

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Manage your vehicles with real-time tracking

Auto Mate has everything you need for your tailored fleet telematics, saving you time, money and stress.

Just plug our compact device into each of your vehicles and use our simple app or online portal to monitor where they go. You can analyse driving behaviour, vehicle health, manage expenses and even receive alerts if your vehicle is towed or common faults occur. It’s the easy way to reduce costs, keep customers and employees in the know, and stay on top of admin like MOT, service and tax renewals.

To find out more, call us on 0800 956 6107.

We’re here to help Monday to Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm.

Why choose the Auto Mate vehicle tracker

Increase productivity

Increase productivity

Having an overall view of your fleet lets you plan routes more effectively. You can maximise fuel and resource efficiency by allocating jobs to the nearest driver.

Monitor vehicle health

Monitor vehicle health

Auto Mate keeps a constant watch on vehicle performance and battery health to flag faults early and minimise off road time. And automated reminders mean you’ll never miss an MOT or service.

Easy expense reporting

Easy expense reporting

Auto Mate takes the time and hassle out of mileage claims and P11Ds. You’ll get a detailed journey report and mileage submission at the press of a button, and cut out time spent on paperwork.

Logistics support

Logistics support

Deliver a better service by getting your goods or people to the right place faster, and giving your customers up-to-the-minute information.


Vehicle security

Vehicle security

Stop worrying about your fleet. If a vehicle moves unexpectedly, you’ll be sent a suspicious activity alert straight to your mobile, straight away.

Improve safety and efficiency

Improve safety and efficiency

Monitoring driver performance with telematics can improve safety, efficiency and timekeeping. That helps to keep your drivers safe, customers happy, reduce wear and tear, and minimise fuel costs.

Access Breakdown Cover easily

Access breakdown cover easily

Stay in control of your vehicles and keep your business moving with easy access to breakdown cover from The AA, direct from the driver App.

Management and upkeep

Management and upkeep

Auto Mate makes managing your cars and vans simple, with everything from real time location to vehicle health available online and through our manager app. So you can manage your fleet on the go.

Do more with our fleet telematics apps for drivers and managers

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Make every journey count

Find out how the Driver app for Auto Mate works, helping drivers stay on top of jobs, keep their admin accurate and their driving in check.


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Keep your business on the road

Get set-up with the Manager app for Auto Mate, so you can remotely track your vehicles, keep an eye on their health and see how they're being driven.

you'll be up and running in no time

You'll be up and running in no time

Auto Mate is really simple to set up and use. The compact device plugs into most cars and vans with ease, and our handy vehicle checker shows you where to plug it in. Just enter the vehicle’s make, model and year.

You can monitor your vehicles from any computer using the Auto Mate online portal. And when you download the app, you’ll have the freedom and flexibility to manage your fleet on the go.

Download the Auto Mate brochure [PDF: 1.1MB] to find out more

Or check out our Auto Mate user guide [PDF: 10.3MB] and our handy Getting Started guide [PDF: 222KB]

Choose your great value Auto Mate package

Choose your great value Auto Mate package

Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of hundreds, Auto Mate is the easiest way to manage your vehicles. It’s available in two great-value packages:

24 month deal: £11/month plus £49 upfront

12 month deal: £190 upfront, with no monthly fee. Extend your 12 month deal by another 12 months for only £141. Prices exclude VAT

To buy now or find out more, call free on 150 from an EE mobile.

New to EE? Call free on 0800 956 6107.
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9am-7pm, Saturday 9am-5pm.

Frequently asked questions

What do I do when I receive my Auto Mate device?

When your Auto Mate device arrives, it’s simple to set up your account and register your devices.

Check out our handy Getting Started guide [PDF: 222KB] to start using Auto Mate.

How do I use Auto Mate to create and manage reports?

Auto Mate has a powerful reporting suite that can save you time with automated reports. It gives you easy access to all manner of information such as vehicle efficiency, mileage and route summaries, driver scores and more.

Our Guide to Auto Mate reports [PDF: 213KB]  shows you how.

How do I use Auto Mate to track my vehicles?

With Auto Mate, you’ll know where your vehicles are 24/7. You’ll be able to check your vehicles are where they’re meant to be, and keep your customers informed with up-to-the-minute location telematics.

See our Guide to Auto Mate vehicle tracking [PDF: 54KB] to learn more.

How can I set up vehicle health alerts on Auto Mate?

Auto Mate can reduce vehicle off road time and save you money by flagging up faults in your vehicle before they become a problem.

Our Guide to vehicle health alerts and geo fences [PDF: 186KB] shows you how to set them up.

What are geo-fences, and can they be set up in Auto Mate?

Geo-fences are virtual boundaries which can be set up to notify you when your vehicles enter or leave specific locations. They can be used to show drivers have completed specific trips, act as proof of delivery, or ensure drivers aren’t going to places where you don’t want them to go.

Our Guide to vehicle health alerts and geo fences [PDF: 186KB] shows you how to set them up.

How can I use Auto Mate to improve driver safety and reduce costs?

Poor driver behaviour can cause accidents and cost you thousands through excessive fuel use, insurance, and increased wear and tear. You can improve driver behaviour by rewarding those with the highest driver scores, or those who have shown most improvement. 

Our Guide to driver behaviour scores [PDF: 195KB] gives you more information.

What is fleet telematics?

Fleet telematics gathers a range of vehicle data using GPS and is chosen by many SMEs to optimise route planning, manage driver behaviour, reduce fuel costs and monitor vehicle health.