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Introducing dual SIM, only on EE

EXCITING NEWS – EE is the first network in the UK to offer you dual-SIM functionality on the Apple iPhone 11,  XS, XS Max and XR.

Having your business number and your personal number connected to the same iPhone makes it easier to manage your work-life balance. Better still, it saves you the cost of buying two devices, and the hassle of carrying two phones.

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How it works


How it works

Your first SIM is the traditional plastic SIM that comes with your Apple device, while the second is an eSIM which you’ll need to purchase on a SIM-only plan. Both SIMs will be active and available to make and receive calls and texts. 

Two numbers, one device

Two numbers, one device

Both SIMs are connected to a single device, so there’s no need to carry two phones around with you.

A better work-life balance

A better work-life balance

Effortlessly switch between tasks, and set up a divert on your business line whenever you want your personal time.

All your charges on one bill

Keep track of your business and personal charges in one place, with a single bill from EE.

All your charges on one bill

New technology, only on EE

One SIM is a standard physical SIM, while the other uses new eSIM technology that’s only available on EE.

New technology, only on EE

How do I buy dual SIM?

You’ll need to buy your Apple iPhone with a handset plan as you normally would, and add your e-SIM as an additional SIM-only line.

Give us a call on 0800 956 6100 to place your order.

What devices are dual SIMs available on?

Dual SIM functionality is only available on the latest Apple iPhones – at this moment in time, that’s the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

How do I activate my eSIM?

You’ll be supplied with an eSIM pack, which will contain a QR code. Simply scan the code to sync the eSIM with your device.

How do I distinguish between lines?

You can choose a ‘label’ for each of your SIMs – for example, ‘Personal’ or ‘Business’. This label will then make it easy to see which number you’re making and receiving calls and texts from.

The legal bit

  • To use your dual SIM device you will need two lines on your account, one with a physical SIM and one with an e-SIM. Both lines will be subject to our Network Terms which are at
  • You will have to set up one line as your default data line and any apps that you download and use will use the data from that line. You will not be able to download and use apps on the other line unless you change your default data line. You can do this within your device settings.
  • If you are on a call on one of your lines anyone calling the other line will be diverted to voicemail. You will not be alerted to the fact that someone is calling on your other line as it will be on standby.
  • If you purchased your device from EE and have an EE e-SIM and your device needs to be returned for repair or replacement you have three options for your e-SIM line. You can:
    • Take a physical SIM to use in another device until your dual SIM device is returned; or
    • Request another e-SIM for use in another device until your device is returned (you will need photo ID to obtain a replacement e-SIM); or
    • Obtain a pro-rated refund on the monthly recurring charge for your e-SIM line for the period that your device is being repaired.
  • You will be entitled to cancel your e-SIM line without paying any early termination charge if you return your device:
    • Within 14 days of delivery due to a coverage issue or if you purchased the device via our call centre;
    • Within 30 days of delivery due to a fault and request a refund rather than repair or replacement.
  • You will be entitled to cancel your physical SIM line and return your device within 14 days of delivery if you:
    • Have coverage issues; or
    • Made your purchase or via our call centre,
      in line with our usual cancellation policy.
  • For as long as an e-SIM for the Apple XR or any other dual SIM device which EE may offer in the future which has an e-SIM is only available on EE, if you have the right to end the contract for your e-SIM line during the minimum term without paying an early termination charge because we have made a change which results in a material detriment to you then you will also have the right to end the contract for your physical SIM without paying any early termination charge. If e-SIMs are available on another network this will not apply. The same will not apply the other way around.
  • If you start your physical SIM line and your e-SIM line at different times then your minimum terms may end at different times. This means that if you decide to terminate one line at the end of the minimum term and want to terminate the other line as well you may have to pay an early termination charge on the line which is still within its minimum term.
  • If you give or sell your device to someone else, including if you return it for repair or trade it in, you need to remove both your physical SIM and your e-SIM. We cannot remove your e-SIM or any related data if you have sent your device to us for repair or trade in. SIM cards of either type can contain private information, and may enable unauthorised use of your Network airtime. If you fail to remove your SIMs, you will be responsible for any use of either SIM card arising before, or after the transfer or return of your device.
  • If one of your lines is terminated or suspended for a serious breach of our network terms (such as making nuisance calls or texts, using illegal repeaters or failing to make any payments although this is not a full list of serious breaches) the other line may be terminated or suspended too. This may also result in your device being blacklisted.

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