Osprey from EE

Take your WiFi with you

Set up your office in an instant

The Osprey from EE Mobile WiFi device is perfect for business, whether you travel a lot or need to set up a temporary workplace. It’s the superfast way to get online and has up to 6 hours of battery life.

You can also share your connection with up to 10 other WiFi enabled devices so you can share your data  with your colleagues or your other WiFi devices.

Feed 4G to any WiFi device. Experience 1GB downloads in under a minute or use HD video conferencing without the buffering.

Get 100MB of inclusive data in Europe

A selection of our Business Extra plans now come with 100MB EU roaming data each month at no extra cost. Our Business Extra plans start at £12.50 a month for tablets and £16.67 a month for 4GEE WiFi.

Here's a rough guide to what you could do with 100MB of data:

  • Browse the web for four hours
  • Send 100 emails with attachments
  • Upload 100 pictures online

24 month plans

Monthly cost Data allowance Speed Upfront cost 100MB EU data*
Double speed 4GEE
Double speed 4GEE
Double speed 4GEE
Double speed 4GEE

Ready to buy? Call 0800 956 6259

Lines are open Mon-Fri 8am-7pm and Sat- 9am-5pm. Closed Sunday.

How fast is double speed 4GEE?**

  • Download a big file (540MB)

    EE's 3G: 25 minutes
    4GEE: 8 minutes
    Double speed 4GEE: 4 minutes

  • Download a presentation (5MB)

    EE's 3G: 12 seconds
    4GEE: 4 seconds
    Double speed 4GEE: 2 seconds

  • Upload a video to YouTube (140MB)

    EE's 3G: 10 minutes
    4GEE: 4 seconds
    Double speed 4GEE: 2 seconds

  • Getting the most from EE

    Services and offers we have for you

    Superfast 4GEE

    Send large files of data, have conference calls in HD and access cloud services in real time. Say hello to 4GEE.

    EE Film

    Stream and download the latest movies without denting your data.

    2 for 1 cinema

    2 for 1 cinema tickets and PizzaExpress - each and every Wednesday.

    The legal bit

    ** Double speed 4GEE: Based on EE test data, 2013. Average download speeds: EE's 3G: 3-6Mb/s, 4GEE: 12-15MB/S. Double speed 4GEE 24-30Mb/s.

    Selected areas: check ee.co.uk/coverage. Speed depends on location and number of users.  Just how fast your 4G will be depends on where you are and how many other people are using 4G too. Average 4G speeds 12-15 Mb/s: EE test data 2013.

    Every March, your monthly plan cost will go up in line with the Retail Price Index. If you'd like to know more, take a look at point 7 in our Terms and Conditions. Other prices may also go up during your plan.