Mobile broadband

With superfast 4GEE, go online
and work where it works for you

What is 4GEE mobile WiFi?

With 4GEE Mobile WiFi you can do everything you do in the office while on the move.

Set up your office anywhere  and get online with a Mobile WiFi device, in a Café, on the  train or maybe you have a temporary workplace.  You can connect up to 10 WiFi devices so you can share your internet connection  with your colleagues or your other devices.

Our wide range of plans include options just  designed for businesses. Whether that’s our great value plan for just £8.33 a month, or a plan that’s packed with data -  and it’s up to you whether you’d like a brand new device or you can opt for a SIM Only plan. The choice is yours.   

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Car WiFi

with the Buzzard from EE

Make car journeys more productive for you and your passengers by allowing everyone to instantly check their email, download large files, and take part in HD video conferences.

Designed for use in the car, our new 4GEE mobile WiFi gives internet access to everyone on board, letting you keep your eyes on the road.

Reasons to choose mobile broadband for your business


You can set up your office anywhere using a Mobile WiFi device while you’re out and about and even in your car.

Double speed 4GEE

Double speed 4GEE comes as standard on 5GB plans and above. Helping you to get even more done on the move.

Your business, your choice

Choose how your business gets Mobile 4GEE WiFi.  Whether that’s a short 30 day plan or whether you want a new device or SIM plan.

Great value

Make the most out of your data allowance.  If you have a 4GEE phone plan with us you can share your data with a Mobile WIFi plan and get even better value.

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