Ultimate mobile broadband for business

Take your Wifi With you

No need to find a WiFi hotspot or wait until you're back at the office. Turn on your 4GEE WiFi device and create your own travelling internet bubble. Whether you're on a train, in an airport departure lounge or out and about, you can stay connected. We have flexible plans of 30 days and 24 month.

On selected plans you also get:

  • Our fastest network speeds thanks to Double Speed 4G.
  • 100MB of data each month when travelling in Europe.


Enhance your digital life

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Osprey 2 from EE

Lightweight and ultra sim, it's ideal when you're travelling on business and need to get online quickly.

Reasons to choose mobile broadband for your business

Total control

Quick and simple data add-ons that mean no unexpected data bills, even abroad.

Double speed 4GEE

Double speed 4GEE comes as standard on selected plans. Helping you to get even more done on the move.

Your business, your choice

Choose how your business gets Mobile 4GEE WiFi.  Whether that’s a short 30 day plan or whether you want a new device or SIM plan.

Great value

Make the most out of your data allowance. If you have a 4GEE phone plan with us you can share your data with a 4GEE WIFi plan and get even better value.