Business add-ons

Give your business a boost

Need more data, minutes or texts?

The great thing about our plans is that you can customise them to suit your business needs.

Add things to your account like extra data, minutes and texts to and from Europe, photo messages and other add-ons to keep your costs down while you're abroad.

Take payments on your phone

With the iZettle Chip and PIN card reader, you can accept card payments through your phone. So you’ll never miss a sale again.

Make the most of your 4GEE plan

International calling & roaming

Gives you minutes to call to and from international destinations plus texts to keep your costs down.

Calls to numbers starting 084 & 087

Keep your costs down with an 084 & 087 add-on, giving you up to 200 minutes to call these numbers every month.

Add extra data to your plan

If you need more data, we’ll let you know so you never go over your limit. And if you run out, you can buy a great value data add-on.

Pocket landline

A local landline number that rings directly to up to ten mobile numbers on your account.